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Justin Beiber Kush?!

According to reports, a new strain of cannabis has popped up in Toronto, Canada named after teen pop sensation Justin Bieber; it’s known as “JB Kush.” When he heard the news, the real JB reportedly became furious that his name was associated with marijuana, and has asked his team to consider legal action.

Of course, the marijuana is already being sold illegally by dealers in Canada, so I doubt he’ll have much luck in bringing civil action against those selling “JB Kush.” In all likelihood it’s just an established strain with a new name slapped on it to capitalize on the person’s fame – as we’ve seen with several other celebrities.

420times 000005141052XSmall 300x199 New Marijuana Strain Named After Justin Bieber   JB Kush

Either way, it’s getting a lot of publicity, and I’m sure that was the point. If any of our readers have tried “JB Kush,” let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

- Joe Klare

Pot Cookie Meltdown

The reefer madness saga continues as one man blames two pot cookies for his recent meltdown.

Thirty-two-year-old artist Kinman Chan apologized during his guilty plea last Tuesday to interfering with the flight crew on board a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco in January 2010. He was fined and sentenced to probation.

Apparently, the cookies he ingested before boarding made him pull his pants down and flip out on a flight. (I must confess, pot cookies may have caused me to pull my pants down in the past, but not on a flight luckily. A flight of fancy perhaps.)

How many more people will pull down their pants and blame it on a pot cookie? I just might…today.

PITTSBURGH – A San Francisco man claims he was high on a double dose of medical marijuana cookies when he screamed, dropped his pants and attacked crew members on a cross-country flight, forcing its diversion to Pittsburgh, the FBI said Wednesday.

Kinman Chan, 30, was charged in a criminal complaint with interfering with the duties of a flight attendant on allegations that he fought with crew members of US Airways Flight 1447 from Philadelphia to Los Angeles on Sunday. His federal public defender, Jay Finkelstein, declined to comment.

Crew members said Chan made odd gestures before he entered the plane’s rear restroom shortly after takeoff and began to scream, according to the complaint.

Chan told the FBI that he “came back to reality” and exited the restroom, at which point the crew noticed his “pants were down, his shirt was untucked and all the compartments in the restroom were opened.”

When crew members tried to get Chan to sit, he fought them and had to be subdued in a choke hold, the complaint said.

Chan told agents who interviewed him in Pittsburgh that he ate marijuana cookies while waiting for his flight to depart in Philadelphia.

“Chan advised he has a medical marijuana card and he took double his normal dose,” the complaint said.

Margaret Philbin, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Pittsburgh, said Chan has a legally issued medical marijuana card for a “legitimate” health issue, which she declined to identify.

The flight was diverted to Pittsburgh International Airport, where Chan was arrested, then jailed until a federal magistrate granted him bond Tuesday, Philbin said.

Source: Huffington Post

Stoner Video of the Day: Stealing a Cop Car Probably Isn’t the Best Idea

What in the world was this guy thinking?
Smoke some meds & calm down, dude!

Song of the Day: Humpty Dance by Digital Underground, Just for humpday!

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Was Osama Bin Laden growing Marijuana?

Was Osama Bin Laden Growing Marijuana To Help With Kidney Problems?

Just outside Osama Bin Laden’s secret hideout investigators found a garden which included various produce as well as marijuana plants. Now, some believe that Bin Laden was smoking weed as a way of helping with his kidney problems.
In Pakistan marijuana grows wildly in many locations, so it’s not surprising the marijuana plants went unnoticed in plain view.
The grocer that Bin Laden’s lackeys purchased food from was reportedly confused about how much food they bought. Munchies? “I was curious about why they bought so much food, but I did not want to be rude by asking,” he said. Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Mail, reporting on the CNN’s discovery of the marijuana outside the Bin Laden Compound.

“High-strength marijuana plants have been found just yards from the luxury home of slain terror chief Osama Bin Laden. Hundreds of the exotic green flower have flourished for a number of years on the border of the war lord’s secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Despite being a short walk from a military training academy dubbed ‘Pakistan’s Sandhurst’, the illegal crop had remained undiscovered. But hundreds of officials have descended on the busy town this week after Bin Laden was blasted in the brain by U.S. Navy Seals.

An American reporter noticed the pungent line of plants growing in the dry fields surrounding the five-metre high concrete walls. CNN’s Nic Robertson showed to the camera the marijuana hidden alongside other crops including cabbages and potatoes.

The discovery raised the possibility that Bin Laden may have been a regular smoker of the ‘weed’ strain of the plant. Bin Laden had in recent years suffered from kidney problems which may have been eased by taking marijuana for its medicinal properties.”

Read More from

8 Craziest Homemade Bongs

People have been making bongs for years, and sometimes they can come up with the craziest ideas. Here is a list of the 8 craziest bongs I have ever seen, and wanted to use. Some of them are cool, some of them are weird, but they are all bongs. For instructions on  how to make a bong like the ones you find below check out the We Are Baked’s How To Make A Bong.

Gas Mask Madness

Gas Mask Madness

This guy decided that a gas mask bong was not strong enough, and had to expand on the idea. Equipped with two valves connecting the main chamber to the mask and a second chamber to ensure the smooth hit, this homemade bong has risen to greatest.

Weird Bong

Scientific Bong

This bong was created to…..Well i have no idea why this bong was created. It seems to have a balloon attached to push the smoke down your throat, water belly to purify the smoke, and  a diffuser located in the middle to smooth out the hit. Good thing you don’t need to understand how this bong works to hit it.

Strange Homemade Bong

The Clean Air Act

This bong has so many air passages in it that it is hard to believe it works. If it does work the smoke is sure to be rocketed right down your throat and into your lungs.

Girlfriend Bong

Girlfriend Bong

Who needs a girlfriend when you have this bong?  No one, and a good thing too. Carved out of a mannequins head this bong resembles a female and in order to hit the bong you have to kiss her. Designed for the Lonely Stoner.

Pussy Flavored Bong

Pussy Flavored Bong

No this bong does not taste like pussy…..damn. It may seem like an ordinary bong made out of a box and some tape but this bong once contained a cat, a living breathing cat. The owner of the bong claimed to put the cat in the box when it needed to calm down.

Gadget Bong

Gadget Bong

This bong is a serious piece of work. It looks to have been constructed by some type of mechanical savvy person like an engineer or tech student because of the gadgets and levers. The good design and technical aspect of this bong make sure that this bong make the list.

Super Homemade Bong

Everything Bong

A one handed, three chambered, curved cooling shaft bong. HOLY CRAP. This bong looks amazing and looks like it pulled like a champ.

Lego Bong

Lego Bong

Everyone, especially stoners, still has a little kid locked deep inside them. And what better way to relive that youth then to use a toy bong. Break out the Legos and  build yourself the best damn bong known to man.

Vale Tudo Cafe song of the Day! Enjoy your Funday Sunday!

America’s Hemp History

(NaturalNews) Let U.S. farmers grow hemp! This is the battle cry of those who recognize the value and history of hemp and lament the fact that domestic farmers have been unable to legally grow it for over 50 years. In an effort to change this, Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association have announced May 17-23, 2010, as Hemp History Week, a time when patriotic Americans are encouraged to anchor and organize events in their hometown as part of a national grassroots, media and public education campaign about hemp.

Contrary to popular belief, hemp is not marijuana. At least not Cannabis sativa L., the kind that has been grown worldwide for food and industrial purposes for thousands of years. A look back at American history reveals that hemp was also widely grown and used by early Americans.

To set the record straight, cannabis sativa L. has no drug value. Its seed contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of marijuana. Cannabis sativa L. will not cause a person who consumes it to test positive on a drug test. It is a completely different plant than the marijuana plant.

As far as functionality, there are literally thousands of uses for hemp. Its seed and oil are powerful superfoods and its fiber is useful in a host of various textile applications. For example, hemp is used to make clothing and paper, and is also used in composite door paneling, fiberboard and concrete foundations.

For food, hemp seeds are a rich source of highly-digestible essential fatty acids (EFAs), or omega-3s. In fact, they contain a perfectly balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio of 1:3, which many believe is perfect for the human body. Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor similar to that of pine nuts, and they can be used in all sorts of food applications.

Hemp oil is delicious and nutritious as well. Unlike flax and fish oil, hemp oil is rich in Super Omega-3 Stearidonic Acid (SDA) and Super Omega-6 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which together help to reduce inflammation and improve mental functionality. These also assist in improving the metabolization of necessary fatty acids.

As opposed to cotton, which accounts for nearly 25 percent of the world’s pesticide use in order to grow it, hemp requires no pesticides or agricultural chemicals in order to thrive. It is an entirely non-toxic, renewable resource that actually helps to suppress weeds and regenerate soil naturally. It is a favorite among farmers who use it as a rotation crop.

Back in the early days of America’s founding, hemp was a commonly grown and used resource. America’s hemp heritage includes the following little-known facts:

-Early laws in some American colonies actually required farmers to grow hemp.
-Many of our earliest presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, all grew hemp.
-The American Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.
-Abraham Lincoln used hemp seed oil to fuel the lamps in his home.
-The U.S.S. Constitution was rigged with 60 tons of hemp sails and rigging.
-In 1942, Henry Ford built an experimental car body out of hemp fiber, which is ten times stronger than steel.

Other interesting discoveries about hemp include a USDA bulletin published in 1916 that found that hemp produces four times more paper per acre than trees do. In 1938, Popular Mechanics published a piece about hemp called the “New Billion Dollar Crop” that explained how hemp could be used to manufacture over 25,000 different products, “from cellophane to dynamite”.

Unfortunately, domestic hemp growing ceased in the 1950s due to misinformation and confusion about hemp’s relation to marijuana. Around the same time, government incentives were launched that propped up the fossil-fuel plastics industry at the expense of the hemp industry. As a result, all the key hemp producers went bankrupt and hemp quickly became an industry of the past.

In recent years, however, the truth about hemp has been resurfacing. Following a 2004 Ninth Circuit Court decision that permanently protects the sale of hemp foods and body care products in the U.S., there have been major initiatives to once again allow hemp to be grown domestically. As it stands, nearly all of the hemp sold and used in the U.S. is imported from places like Canada, but many hope that will change.

In 2007, two North Dakota farmers were given licenses to grow hemp. This is the first time in over 50 years that hemp has been grown in the U.S., and it represents a shift back towards this valuable and environmentally-friendly crop. Hemp has the potential to revolutionize our economy and bring real prosperity back to America.

Most American farmers today raise subsidized crops like corn and soy, which generate less than $50 per acre in net profits. The average net profits for Canadian farmers who grow hemp in some cases is upwards of $500 per acre. If American farmers are once again permitted to grow hemp, and American industries are able to effectively use hemp for industrial purposes, the American landscape would change dramatically for the better. The possibilities are endless.

Please visit to learn more about hemp. Also, be sure to take a look at the informationthere about Hemp History Week and do your part to bring this nutritious, sustainable and versatile crop back to America.

Real Girls Smoking Pot… Are Hot

Stoner Chicks are the hottest girls on the planet. Right above women with iPads and girls who like listening to Nikki Minaj. Not to mention it’s awesome seeing people like us doing stuff that we do. And the more people we see, the more we realize everyone really is just like us.
This is our third post sharing photos from Go see Part 1.

The Supreme Court is out to Get You

NORMLizer – The Supreme Court Is Out to Get You

Wed, May 11, 2011 5:51 pm


There’s no good word in the English language for when you’re paranoid – and right.

I’m not prone to conspiracy theories, but one has to wonder when it comes to cannabis and the Supreme Court of the United States (a.k.a. SCOTUS). By this I mean the court’s pervasive series of decisions on cannabis prohibition – dating back to the 1960s – that has placed a huge segment of society and the government in conflict. SCOTUS almost always rules in favor of the government, which means the very high court sworn to uphold the US Constitution and protect individual liberties has, in every single one of these rulings, created a greater jeopardy for other basic civil liberties by way of terrible and self-fulfilling legal precedents that diminish the freedom of all citizens, religious institutions and businesses.

One would be hard-pressed to find another public policy – a long and failed public policy – that has created so many opportunities for the government to invade the private spaces of Americans, interfere with their personal health decisions, pervert banking regulations and free-market principles, and create a massive, taxpayer-supported bureaucracy than the 74-year-old policy of cannabis prohibition.

I came to be reminded about all the terrible, liberty-sucking legal decisions from SCOTUS after reading the transcripts from oral arguments in Kentucky vs. King. In this case, cops in Kentucky claimed to have smelled marijuana being used in a certain apartment, then performed a warrantless “knock and talk.” When no one immediately answered the door, the cops forcibly knocked it down, entered the apartment and arrested a couple of otherwise harmless pot smokers (a.k.a. taxpaying citizens trying to relax in the privacy of their home).

The question for the Supreme Court is this: Is it legal under the US Constitution for the police, in the dead of night, to kick down a citizen’s door, with no warrant and virtually no probable cause (aside from a scent in the hallway), in pursuit of enforcing a self-evidently unenforceable prohibition? How is any of this good for freedom and liberty?

Unfortunately, to see how SCOTUS is likely to decide this case, we only have to look at the many past decisions where the Supreme Court has consistently ruled against patients who use medical cannabis, or the religious use of cannabis as a sacrament, or even cannabis-related free speech (i.e., the case involving high-school students unfurling a banner that read “Bong Hits for Jesus”), but has just as consistently ruled for more drug testing, tax stamps, civil forfeiture, roadblocks and searches of the car, home and locker.

If the past is prologue, then with this current SCOTUS, cannabis consumers will have one more good reason for being paranoid in this stupid, wasteful and constitutionally warping epoch of cannabis prohibition.

Allen St. Pierre is the executive director of NORML in Washington, DC (


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