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Ex-NBA player Samaki Walker arrested after trying to eat his Marijuana

I’m going to assume the homie Samaki Walker was high as f*ck when he was pulled over Thursday night in Arizona. That would be the only way that I would attempt to eat over 10 grams of loud at a routine traffic stop.

Police seized the trees along with prescription pills and eight bottles of liquid steroids. The former NBA journeyman is currently balling in Syria, where steroids are legal. Cops weren’t trying to hear it and charged him with a misdemeanor for the steroids and marijuana.

Source: MSNBC

Medical Marijuana food truck hits Lakers’ victory parade in LA

Marijuana lollipops for sale on Lakers parade route

June 21, 2010 | 10:52 am
  • Lakers' fans cheered Monday during the victory parade in downtown Los Angeles, as a marijuana truck made the rounds on the parade route.
Lakers’ fans cheered Monday during the victory parade in downtown… (Vogel/AP)

In addition to the sales of Lakers paraphernalia and water, some surprising entrepreneurs took to the parade route to sell their wares.

Among them was a mobile truck, Weed World, selling marijuana lollipops in hues of orange and blue. (The truck itself is green with a photo mural of young women in bikinis sorting marijuana leaves.)

The assortment included brands of marijuana such as OG Kush and Grand Daddy Perp. The truck’s owner, Bilal Muhammad, said he was recently forced to shut down his store in West Hollywood and had taken his business on the road.

Customers approaching his truck were asked if they had a prescription card allowing them to purchase marijuana and then were handed a free lollipop.

“It’s been working out very well,” he said of business before driving away as police became visible in the distance.

So far, Muhammad was able to work without interruption from police.

– Gale Holland


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