Poll: 74% Of Americans Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their State

A recent Harris Poll survey that polled over 3,100 adults online found that 74% of respondents support legalizing medical marijuana in their state, with 48% saying they strongly support it. When asked about legalizing recreational use, support came in at 42% with 49% opposed.

Not surprisingly, the east and west coasts of the U.S. support legalization the most, with 50% in both regions supporting recreational legalization. The south region polled as least supportive.

420times 000006813391XSmall 150x150 Poll: 74% Of Americans Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their StateWhen asked about who should make the decision about legalization, 44% say it should be a state matter, while 40% think the feds should handle it. Either way, this poll shows the overwhelming support in this country for medical marijuana, and the growing support for recreational legalization.

Yet medical marijuana seems to remain a controversial issue. Why? If polls regularly showed 95% support for medical marijuana, would that make a difference? Or is it more of a matter politicians not caring? Or beyond that, is it a side effect of the fact that old white guys hold most of the elected positions in this country?

But times are changing. Progress may seem slow to some, but small, positive steps lead to the overall momentum we now enjoy. Legalization is inevitable as older politicians pass away and younger ones take their place.

It is up to us to speed legalization along.


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