LA’s Medical Marijuana Mess: Who’s to Blame?

Talk Back
By Jay Handal

Vol 7 Issue 80
Pub: Sept 29, 2009

Active ImageThe fact that over 900 illegal medical marijuana shops have
opened in LA is a reality, and nobody has put the blame on where it
belongs. (See CityWatch – “Medical Pot Shop Issue has City in a
Twist”. )

The fact is that the 15 members of the City council, those who actually
enact Law in L.A., voted to allow such illegal shops to operate within
the borders of L.A. City, voted an Interim Control Ordinance, which had
a gaping loop hole known as “Hardship” in it, allowing the proliferation
of illegal pot shops in LA.

Did they really read the ordinance they voted on? If so, why do we want
them to remain on council? They obviously can’t either read or
understand what they read. Nobody is to blame except former City
Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and the 15 horseshoe members who enacted the
ill crafted laws created by Delgadillo.

And now, 20-40 shops at a daily hearing, we hear them vote to deny the
hardship they created.

How about the current 14 members devote three straight days to hearings,
clear out all of the “hardship” cases, and let’s get on with
creating a law biding group of dispensaries that are legal to operate in
LA, and close down those that are just money making cash cows of illegal

Maybe it is time to cut the salaries in half of the 14 horseshoe
players, since with billboards, pot, DWP and other issues they don’t
have their eyes on the ball, continue to place our City at risk.

In the end, they are only interested in their political futures. Not

Maybe it is time for them to go and bring in a new group of dedicated
citizens who believe that the future of our City is now, and will
protect us from themselves.

Let’s face it, and nobody wants to say to say it out loud: The City is
Broke and Broken–we need real leadership to bring this City back to
being a 1st class City.

(Jay Handal is a Westside business owner and Chair of the West LA
Neighborhood Council.)

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