NYPD Cop Fired Over Marijuana Meatballs

What’s for dinner honey? For NYPD cop Anthony Chiofalo, it was meatballs spiked with a little bit of love – pot.

His wife, Catherine, had admitted to investigators that she had spiked her husband’s meatballs with marijuana. She is using marijuana for medical reasons, as a therapy for back pain. In 2006, Chiofalo was fired after failing a drug test. And last week, the Court of Appeals upheld that decision, according to  a report on the New York Daily News.

marijuana meatballs

Anthony Chiofalo has been with the NYPD for more than twenty years. He had challenged his termination by Commissioner Raymond Kelly, blaming his wife’s ingenious way of forcing him to retire and arguing that the hair sample tests that he was subjected to was not included in the stipulations that the collective bargaining agreement of his union had with the NYPD.

Unfortunately for Chiofalo, the panel of judges who looked over his appeal agreed with Kelly’s decision. The decision explained that the levels of marijuana found after Chiofalo’s test did not look like they could have been reached through “accidental ingestion” or “from second-hand smoke”.

If, indeed, this was all the handiwork of Catherine Chiofalo, then the missus seems to have done one heck of a job in order to get what she wanted.

The judges made the following statement in the decision that was released on Thursday: “The Court of Appeals has held that the Commissioner was empowered to choose the method of drug testing, and that choice was not subject to collective bargaining.”

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