Who Are Potheads?

This is a question that most people think they know the answer too.

If you ask my grandpa he will say, “Potheads are those guys that hang out in front of the grocery store bumming cigarettes of everyone that walks by”
If you ask a middle aged school teacher they might say “Potheads are the delinquent students that hang out by the back of the school and always come late to class”
Pretty much if you ask anyone that only knows about marijuana from what they leaned in health class, ignorant religious people or any government sponsored commercial, there answer will almost always be something negative.
Potheads are a sub culture and the “sub” in sub culture is slowly fading away because our numbers are growing or because our numbers have always been big but just recently allot of people started coming out of the so called “grow closet”.
Ether way we are a culture and like all cultures we have our delinquents and people that make the rest of us look bad and that is the extent of it, nothing more.

Now my goal isn’t to tell you in detail about who we AREN’T, I’m here to tell you who we ARE.

We are your neighbors and friends.

We are your mail men and your bus drivers.

We have Christmas dinner with our family’s.

We give and receive love.

We are Kindergarten teachers and computer technicians

We go to PTA meetings and play chess at the park.

We are black,white,brown and speak every language on earth.

We care about others and can have our feelings hurt.

We like classical,country,punk,,oldies and any other kind of music.

We are the people that helped you change a flat tire on the freeway.

We are your doctors and nurses.

We are college teachers and college students

We are rich.

We are poor.


No matter who you are or were you live, you already know us, care about us and are involved in our lives, you just didn’t know we were potheads because we don’t fit your ignorant stereo type.
Stay blind if you want but your only making the ones you care about keep a needless secret, and if you are reading this shaking your head in disgust, stop for a Minuit and ask your self why is it so bad and then question your source of information.

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