Indoor vs. Outdoor Marijuana Horticulture

If you plan to start a marijuana growing operation, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors. As you might expect, both propositions have advantages and disadvantages.

Outdoor Cultivation
If you reside in a country with unjust laws against marijuana cultivation, you should seriously consider growing outdoors. Bar none, the biggest advantage to growing outdoors is security. It’s much more difficult for authorities to catch marijuana growers who plant seeds in the spring and come back in the fall for harvest rather than indoor growers who sit on their crop all year long.

Perhaps the safest way to cultivate marijuana outdoors is by planting seeds within a forest that has small open pockets for sunlight to peak through. Buy yourself a GPS (Global Positioning System) to mark the exact latitude and longitude of your ! crop’s location. In the fall when it’s time to harvest your crop, let the GPS device guide you back to your fully grown plants. Make sure to check the accuracy of the GPS before you make a purchase. An inexpensive GPS device may only guide you within 100 meters of your crop, while others advertise accuracy within 10 feet.

One advantage of growing marijuana outdoors is low maintenance. Mother Nature will do all the work for you in the outdoor environment, unlike indoor crops where the outdoor environment must be recreated.

The biggest disadvantage to outdoor cultivation is the limitation of one crop per year. Unless you live in a warm climate all year long, the marijuana season starts in the spring and ends in the fall. Another disadvantage is the possibility of law enforcement, thieves, or wildlife destroying your coveted plants.

Indoor Cultivation
The main advantage to growing marijuana indoors is the ability to! grow year-round. The climate can be artificially adjusted indoors, so marijuana can be fooled into believing when to vegetate and when to flower.

The biggest disadvantage of growing indoors is security. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to hide the smell of marijuana while creating ample ventilation at the same time. Also, it becomes a challenge to contain abnormally strong light from leaking through windows. Even under perfect circumstances, non-violent marijuana offenders have spent years in prison because of freak accidents like fires or nosy landlords.

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