Stoners’ Delight: Space Cakes, Pot Brownies, and Other Tasty Cannabis Creations

Stoners’ Delightis a new cookbook for marijuana lovers. It’s full of great recipes for any cannabis kitchen. This is the perfect introduction to cooking your own edibles. Imagine enjoying THC infused into everything from, hot teas and chocolate to cupcakes.

This book is perfect for those who want to reach the next level of cannabis connoisseur-ship. The book starts with some great information about marijuana, some history, and a little strain information. Then before you know it, you’re knee deep in a wealth of tasty hash snacks. Stoners’ Delight also has a few heavier recipes, like pizza and chile con carne.
In the back of the book, the author’s leave you a little space to write your own thoughts. There is a spot for “Big Ideas”, “Recipes”, and even few boxes for describing your own different highexperiences.

“From a breakfast of Space Muffins to Cannabis Cupcakes with lunch and after-dinner Hash Brownies, here’s how to fill your day with stoner snacks, teas, hot chocolates and cocktails that are easy to make and perfect for sharing. Complete with simple instructions and info on how to adapt each delicious recipe for different strains and situations.” –

You can find this book on Amazon and I’d suggest looking for this book wherever you like buying books.

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