Cannabis & The Czech Republic

First drug with cannabis registered in Czech Republic

Prague – The Czech Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) has registered the first medicine containing cannabis, an oral spray for patients with multiple sclerosis, SUKL head Martin Benes announced today.

 “I am glad that the Czech Republic is one of the eight EU countries that has let seriously ill patients use an extract of cannabis. This is the first step towards medically prescribed use of cannabinoids in our country,” Benes said.
Czech anti-drug coordinator Jindrich Voboril said last week he wants to open a debate on legal use of marihuana in medicine.
It has been illegal to grow or use marihuana for treatment of patients in the Czech Republic until now.
The SUKL registered the Sativex oromucosal spray on April 13. The spray is used by patients with muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. The pharmaceutical company, GW Pharma, has not yet delivered the spray to the Czech Republic.
Eva Havrdova, head of the Centre for Multiple Sclerosis at the General Teaching Hospital (VFN) in Prague, welcomes the registration of Sativex.
Havrdova said her centre participated in two studies that showed that this spray can help some patients.
“From our experience, the drug is not effective for all patients. Those who can profit from the drug can be well identified and they do not have to fear any addiction or damage to their nervous system,” she said.
Tomas Zabransky, from the VFN´s centre for the treatment of addictions, said the registration of Sativex is a principal step towards the availability of medicines made of cannabis.
Zabransky said he appreciates the SUKL for its proactive attitude.
Dusan Dvorak, founder of a group promoting the medical use of cannabis, recently received a suspended sentence for producing ointments and tinctures from cannabis and giving them to other people for free.

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