Laguna Niguel OKs marijuana dispensary ban :(

The End of Medical Marijuana in Laguna Niguel?

The City Council at its meeting Tuesday will consider a ban on marijuana dispensaries.

By Debbie Tharp | Email the author | April 19, 2011

Laguna Niguel OKs marijuana dispensary ban

April 19, 2011|By CLAUDIA KOERNER

LAGUNA NIGUEL – Citing public safety concerns, the City Council voted Tuesday night to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

Laguna Niguel first prohibited the establishment and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in July 2009, adopting an interim urgency ordinance. After two extensions, that ordinance was set to expire July 7. After Tuesday’s 3-1 vote in favor of a prohibition, the issue will come back for a second reading at the next meeting.

“I’ve always stood on public safety,” Councilwoman Linda Lindholm said. “For me, it has to do with the youth of our community.”

Keeping medical marijuana out of the community became a priority for the city in response to reported increases in crime and a lack of state oversight to ensure the drug didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

In September 2008, shots were fired during an attempted armed robbery at a dispensary on Forbes Road that has since shut down. Lindholm also pointed to reports that Dana Point officials named medical marijuana as a problem at Dana Hills High School.

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