We found this website during a stoned blur one night and it left us hilariously belly laughing all night long. Check out this website after you smoke some of our Charlie Sheen OG, we promise you’ll be belly laughing too! Here’s a couple of our favorite “Highdeas” here:

      • “I lost all of my weed, in a series of small fires.”
      • “Laptop backwards is ‘potpal'”
      • “Dear Californians, We envy you. Sincerely, Any stoner who doesn’t live in California”
      • “ok bear with me on this one…im gunna bury a school bus in my back yard.ill make a ladder coming down from the exit hatch on top. ill take out the seats and put in couches, a big ass tv, lights, sick sound system, music, record player, fridge, and a bed(for passin out if needed), ps3 and xbox 360, computer, lava lamps and to top it all off im gunna add a periscope. ittl be called the last stop (cuz its a bus) best highdea ever”
      • “Don’t you wish that you could google anything? Like, “where is my cellphone?” and google would be like “under the couch, dumbass”
      • “Have you ever been so high that you just stop, stop dead in your tracks, pat down all your pockets, realize you have everything, then move on?”

Seriously you have to check out this website, http://www.highdeas.com, we promise you’ll be belly laughing.

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