Justin Beiber Kush?!


According to reports, a new strain of cannabis has popped up in Toronto, Canada named after teen pop sensation Justin Bieber; it’s known as “JB Kush.” When he heard the news, the real JB reportedly became furious that his name was associated with marijuana, and has asked his team to consider legal action.

Of course, the marijuana is already being sold illegally by dealers in Canada, so I doubt he’ll have much luck in bringing civil action against those selling “JB Kush.” In all likelihood it’s just an established strain with a new name slapped on it to capitalize on the person’s fame – as we’ve seen with several other celebrities.

420times 000005141052XSmall 300x199 New Marijuana Strain Named After Justin Bieber   JB Kush

Either way, it’s getting a lot of publicity, and I’m sure that was the point. If any of our readers have tried “JB Kush,” let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

Joe Klare

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