Non-violent Drug Prisoners May Gain Freedom in Cali

May 27 2011

Non-Violent Drug Prisoners May Gain Freedom in Cali Thanks to The Supreme Court

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Image Via Prison Law

The Supreme Court has ruled the crowded conditions of the California penal system to be a direct result of overcrowding. That may not be news to you, however, what you may have not known is that the Supreme Court has now demanded that the California penal system reduce it’s prisoner population by 200%. But will murderers and ill behaving gang bangers now be running the streets!?

“Tough-on-crime policies have crowded prisons so severely with people convicted of nonviolent offenses, including drug possession, that they are not only unsafe and overly costly, but also a net negative for public safety.”

“By reducing the penalty for drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, for example, the state would save $450 million a year and reduce the prison population by more than 9,000.

I can only imagine the impact this ruling will have on the state of California. A decrease in state spending and an increase in the amount of otherwise law abiding citizens being back home with their families and lives. Sometimes the Supreme Court does come in handy, eh?

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