What Weed Title Do You Use?

Lately, I have received some messages, comments, and e-mails asking that I no longer refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ Some people feel that it only perpetuates the stereotype of a mindless loser, sitting in their parent’s basement, sucking down bammer bong hits. I think that the term ‘stoner’ fits this description, but an ‘educated stoner’ is someone that lives in their own home, pays their own bills, and knows that there is more to the marijuana movement than consuming it.

I will probably always refer to myself as an ‘educated stoner.’ I think it is the most accurate title for me, a person that consumes marijuana regularly, yet doesn’t meet the stereotypes perpetuated by conservative members of society. ‘Educated stoners’ are under the influence, yet above the ignorance, and fighting for legalization on the front lines. Also, I think it is the title that strikes the greatest fear amongst law enforcement. Law enforcement takes for granted the fact that most people consuming marijuana don’t know their rights, and don’t know how interrogation tactics work.

I am a medical marijuana patient, I have a Bachelor’s degree in public policy (summa cum laude), and I have been consuming marijuana everyday for the last 16 years straight. Here are other titles people want me to use, and why I don’t feel that they are as accurate as ‘educated stoner’ (for me, not for EVERYONE, feel free to use whatever label you want for yourself):

1. Medical patient – This is not narrow enough. People waiting for foot surgery, people with chicken pox, people with heightened fingernail sensitivity, etc. are all medical patients.

2. Medical marijuana patient – I don’t like this title because when I say it to people, I always get the stink eye. Apparently, there are a lot of people that I come into contact with that feel I should be in a wheelchair, or walk with a cane, or have some obvious, ‘noticeable-by-the-human eye,’ debilitating ailment. I have a medical marijuana card for severe tendinitis, which cannot be seen. Also, I don’t feel that this title accurately captures the fact that I strive to stay educated on marijuana laws, policies, etc. It only states that I use marijuana for medical purposes.

3. Marijuana activist – This would be my second favorite title to go by. I AM a marijuana activist. 7 days a week, 365 days a year, I am researching what states are doing; what new policies, ordinances, and laws are coming out. However, I don’t feel that it captures my love for consuming marijuana. To me, it sounds like I am a protestor standing outside of capital buildings, neglecting my favorite past time of inhaling repeatedly and eating anything containing cannabutter.

4. Pothead – isn’t this basically the same thing as ‘stoner?’ I don’t want to get lumped into the same category as loadies that smoke their crappy weed out of a modified pop can.

5. Cannabis consumer – I don’t simply consume marijuana, I LIVE FOR IT. I fight for it, I defend, I want to be the official marijuana spokesperson on ‘The Daily Show,’ etc. To simply say that I am a consumer would be inaccurate.

I want a title that captures my love for consuming marijuana, my love for marijuana education, my love for marijuana activism, and my love for showing law enforcement that if they try to fuck with me, they will realize really fast that I am their worst nightmare. So I pose the question to the readers, ‘What title do you like for yourself, and why?’ Who knows, maybe I will have to switch up my title if I see something that I like!!!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ms. kush on May 29, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    but then regular stoners though it sounds like, arent so educated? :/ Well, however it is, I’m gonna keep pushin for that medical marijuana bill to FINALLY pass in NY! puff, pass & Push


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