Government Warns Hikers about Marijuana Growing in Forests

Government Warns Hikers About Marijuana Grows In National Forests

The420TimesStaff | May 30, 2011 | Comments 0

In a news release put out last week, The U.S. Forest Service warned hikers to be on the lookout for illegal marijuana grows in national parks, and how to avoid them.

Marijuana grows are dangerous, since their illegality and the value of the crop means the growers are usually well armed.

420times 000010782490XSmall 150x1502 Government Warns Hikers About Marijuana Grows In National Forests

As Allen St.Pierre – Executive Director of NORML – said, cannabis grows wouldn’t exist on federal land without prohibition.

Allen St. Pierre, a spokesman for the pro-marijuana organization NORML, said it’s a shame marijuana farmers must grow pot on public lands. If marijuana is legalized, no one would do that, he said. He likened pot farmers in Southern forests to the moonshiners of Appalachia long ago.

Moonshiners “were engaged in an otherwise popular commerce the government failed to tax and control,” St. Pierre said. “Only when the government started to tax and control it did it make the moonshiners, for all intents and purposes, go away.”

Without prohibition driving up the price and marijuana and driving the growing underground, armed growers would have no reason to be on federal land. Illegality leads to lack of regulation and extreme profit margins. Dangerous people are more than willing to run the risk of growing in the forest; and they have no problem bringing violence to those who come across their crops.

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