A Brief Overview of Concentrates

Concentrates are just that, the active ingredients (THC & Cannabinoids) that has been extracted from the marijuana plant material. There are several methods of extraction. The quality of the concentrate can range from poor to extremely high. Using different types of tools and methods yields different concentrates, viscosities and potencies

Concentrates can be extracted several ways with the three most common being: cold water, BHO (Butane hash oil) and CO2. Medical marijuana patients are using more and more concentrates today mostly because of their high THC and Cannabinoid content and that they are relatively easy to find in collectives at reasonable prices. Below is a brief introduction of the three more popular extraction methods and types of concentrates they produce. Hit the jump for more information on concentrates.

Cold water extraction produces a concentrate that ranges in color from light golden beige to black depending on the purity. Generally the lighter the color, the purer melt you will have (no residue). Cold water concentrates are better known as bubble hash and should be dry. It can come in different consistencies from a powder to putty like texture. The concentrate and process for cold water extraction is all organic because it only uses ice and cold water, which makes it great to use in any culinary dishes.

The second most popular extraction method is BHO or Butane Hash Oil extraction and the process uses butane to pass over the marijuana plant material. Neither the concentrate nor the process is considered organic. Although it’s not organic, BHO concentrates are used in many culinary dishes. It’s easily identified because it’s not oily like the cold water extractions. You may hear BHO’s go by other names such as: goo, earwax, wax, glass, shatter and moon rocks at collectives and dispensaries.

The last method of concentrate extraction mentioned here is CO2 extraction and it’s very similar to BHO extraction except that dry ice isn’t flammable. Dry ice is shaken over the marijuana plant material or added to a bubble hash process to knock off the gland heads from the buds. The heads stay intact because of the cold temperatures. The finished product is a fine crystal powder and must be kept frozen or very cold or else it will liquefy or turn into a big blob at room temperature. The concentrate is also known as Crystals, Gold Dust, 95%THC and Sugars.

Concentrates can vary in strength and completely depend on the quality of the strain used when making them. They can be consumed by either ingesting them, smoking them with flowers or by using any of the custom smoking devices that have been created such as skillets, globes, nails, smashers and vaporizers.

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  1. I think you forgot to mention that the BHO method can be accomplished very well without using butane by using either naptha(benzine in EU), ether, or alcohol. You can find detailed instructions on making the oil at http://phoenixtears.ca/hemp-oil/make-the-medicine/


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