Canada Would Rather Pay Legal Costs Instead of Assisting Medical Marijuana Patients

                                                          Image via UPI

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corperation, a couple Sam & Tanya (who asked that their last names be excluded from a fear of thieves) asked the Nova Scotia Supreme Court if they would have the Maritime Province to provide $2,500 for the couple to be set up and $100 assistance every 3 months to help offset the cost of buying things they need to grow their medication. The licenses they possess from Health Canada permits them to grow no more then 25 plants for their own personal use. When Sam heard from a lawyer that the Department of Community Services has already spent about $200,000 fighting their proposal he had this to say:

That just goes to show you that there’s something wrong with the system when they’re willing to spend that amount of money to stop two disabled people from getting their medication…It’s pathetic and sickening.

Before you disregard this as a couple looking for a quick come-up through a loophole, think about the numbers. If Canada was to agree to the couple’s request and we assume that the couple lives and smokes until they are 90 and are 40 now, the $200,000 Canada could have covered their supply necessities for 98,750 years.

Note that both Sam and Tanya are on income assistance said to have disabilities which aren’t named in the article.

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