Massachusetts the Nations Role Model in Cannabis?

What’s good, in this article I’m gonna fill you in on all the wonderful things happening in Massachusetts with House Bill 1371. If passed, this will make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to control and regulate sales of marijuana to adults over the age of 21. Although this would demand licensing requirements and create taxes on the for-profit retail sale of cannabis, Massachusetts will become a role model for the rest of the 49 states. This measure is also being referred to as the “Joint Committee of the Judiciary,” I believe there was no pun intended. For the full story click here.

“House Bill 1371 proposes to make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to enact a rational public policy for the control and regulation of marijuana. Please show your support for this measure by contacting your state elected officials and urging them to support these common sense proposals.”

Please don’t read over this and shrug away, do your part! It might not seem like it, but every email and letter sent in is a step in the right direction. If not for our country, but do it for our lovely lady Mary Jane.

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