Doctor Becomes His Own Medical Marijuana Patient.. Kinda

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Dr Graham Irvine graduated as a PhD not too long ago after becoming the first person in Australia granted permission to use medicinal cannabis to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Upon receiving approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration the good doctor served as his own patient, testing the effects of the cannabis derived drug on common disease symptoms like micrographia, akinesia, dyskinesia and dystonia. Sativex, a cannabis-based oral spray, had not previously been approved to treat Parkinson’s disease.

“I found I did get stoned and it was useless to me. First of all, because I am a Parkinson’s patient, my hand-motor skills are terrible and I would try and position it and it would squirt up here and over there.”

“You could not be sure how much you were getting. I would feel nothing for four hours then get stoned, which was useless to me because I was trying to do my work and I would forget things.”

I can relate to the Doctor’s desire to only take in enough cannabis to relieve his symptoms; one of the biggest benefits to smoking or ingesting marijuana is that a person can control their dosage and not get stoned to the point of burning out. Kudos to him for knocking out two birds with one stone(r) but how much you wanna bet he’s not the only PhD or medical student whose also ‘testing’ the effects of marijuana on their ‘pain’?

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