Top 5 Weed Comedy Clips


On this blog, I usually make my best effort to be somewhat funny. I am a very sarcastic person by nature so that reflects in my blog posts. I take stabs at just about every sex, race (especially my own), sexual orientation, or anyone who is easily offended. Sometimes I don’t feel like being funny.

That is where these guys come in. There are many comedy weed heads but here are some guys who had enough balls to actually come out and talk about their love for the green, in a funny way. Good times.

Thanks,, these clips are hilarious!

One response to this post.

  1. Over 2 hours of some of the funniest stand up routines you’ll see, including the hilarious Patton Oswalt, and we rented it for only $3.00 using Amazons download. Cheaper than going to the movies and cheaper than paying for cable TV every month, you get only what you want and you have 30 days to watch it!

    My only complaint…..put more stand up comedy on Amazon for downloads!


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