The Home De-Pot: Mary Jane Meets Convenience Shopping at the Wal-Mart of Grow Suppliers

Image via Link

We already love Home Depot for the way they supply our day to day horticulture needs but now there’s a store that we can really call ‘our own’. Arizona is positioning themselves to be quite the tolerant state by allowing the big box superstore weGrow to open up a brand new store recently.

“We sell everything but the plant itself,” said Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow, the company that began franchising its big-box stores with outlets in Oakland and Sacramento, California. “We sell the products and the services for people to safely and responsibly cultivate their medicine.”

A doctor also is on site to furnish eligible patients the initial medical approval needed to apply to the state health department for cards authorizing them to legally grow and use marijuana as treatment for a variety of qualifying ailments.

This means a lot for marijuana growers and us/them/y’all patients. Rumor even has it that more WeGrow stores are in the works for the District of Columbia, Denver, Detroit and maybe even L.A. All that gardening I once did with my Grandmother might soon just come in hand after all.

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