Nug Brand Clothing

June 28, 2011

Nug Brand Clothing – Sexy, Swag, Stoner

Nug Clothing is great for stoners who want to swag their lifestyle out for everyone see.

Their clothes are for the California stoner scene. From the beach to the city, anywhere you go when you want everyone to see you represent your stoner status, Nug Brand has your back.

They have a nug patch that their hats and some of their shirts show off. Why would you have a alligator or a guy playing some ancient sport on horseback on your shirt (Lacoste, Polo) when you could a hairy dank nug instead.
Shades, Flip Flops, Melrose, The Beach… Gather it all together with some good friends and some blunts. That’s the Nug Brand niche.
It’s Stoner Swag. Check it out some more on

Then come back to Baked Life and let us know what you think .


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