Marijuana Is the Cure for Cancer… But Why Has the Government Hid This Since the 70′s?

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Biotech company Cannabis Science Inc. (stock tip—>CBIS) which works in the field of developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, has just announced that it has been contacted by Lynnice Wedewer, Ph.D. This might not mean much to you until you understand who this 34 year multiple cancer patient survivor is and how she has been cured of 7 of her 8 cancers due to the major medicinal benefits of medical cannabis. If you ever wondered if the government actually does things in secret then read on for your answer.

In 1979, Iowa passed a medical marijuana law which impacted five children suffering from cancer and who were placed into a cancer treatment program using medical cannabis under the supervision of the University of Iowa. Dr. Wedewer was one of those children and only 1 1/2 years ago did the law in Iowa finally change to allow these patients to finally speak out about their treatment and success stories in battling cancer with medical cannabis.

Again, I predict that more and more people will begin to come forward with research, documentation and other valid proof that marijuana is a beneficial plant and should be regulated. Mind you, the legal availability of marijuana WILL come to the United States but it will come with a price (doesn’t it already though?) decided by those in control of it’s availability and the science behind it’s use, like potential profits to be made by corporations like Cannabis Science, Inc. (a publicly traded company).

The possibility of earnings will easily get more players on the table pushing for the legalization of marijuana but if there is a chance to cure cancers and other diseases then what are we waiting for? Marijuana helps cure cancer and people are dying. That’s a no-brainer if  I’ve ever heard one.

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