Sensible Colorado Formed To Support Marijuana Legalization Initiatives

Sensible Colorado

This week, Sensible Colorado, along with a broad and growing coalition of organizations and supporters launched a full-scale effort to legalize marijuana in Colorado in 2012.  In a matter of days, signature gatherers will be stationed around the state educating voters and gathering the necessary support to place an initiative on the November 2012 ballot.  The initiative will remove penalties for private marijuana possession and limited home growing, and establish a legal and regulated marijuana market for adults 21 and over.

To read the initiative and learn more about the effort check out the campaign’s BRAND NEW WEBSITE HERE.
The campaign went through an exceptionally exhaustive five-plus-month process to produce the initiative language, which we believe is incredibly strong and presents the best route to ending marijuana prohibition here in Colorado.  We coordinated with dozens of organizations, attorneys, activists, patients, marijuana business owners, and other stakeholders, both in Colorado and around the country.  We also solicited comments from the public via our organizations’ lists of thousands of Colorado reform supporters, magazine ads, and events around the state and incorporated much of this input.
Please get in touch today to volunteer or learn more!
And don’t forget to DONATE to support this historic effort!

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