A Letter From Americans For Safe Access Regarding SB 847 & AB 1300

Dear ASA Members & Friends,

There are two problematic medical cannabis bills in the state legislature right now, and Americans for Safe Access (ASA) needs your help today to stop them. Can you take a minute to send two emails to help protect safe access in California?

Senator Lou Correa’s (D-Santa Ana) SB 847 will require patients’ cooperatives and collectives to be located at least 600 feet from residential zones or uses statewide. This would severely limit – or even eliminate – opportunities for legal access in many cities. Tell your state Assemblymember to vote NO on SB 847.

Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield’s (D-Van Nuys) AB 1300 will authorize cities and counties to ban medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives. This may provoke a rash of new bans on safe access all over the state. Tell your state Senator to vote NO on AB 1300, so that state and local government can cooperate on sensible regulations.

Your participation matters. If lawmakers do not hear from you, they will only be listening to our opponents. ASA’s Online Action Center makes it easy to find your Representative and send messages right now.

ASA is your voice in Sacramento. Our successful advocacy, media, and legal campaigns have resulted in important court precedents, return of confiscated medicine, and more compassionate community guidelines. We need your support to keep fighting. If you make a contribution to support ASA’s work before Friday, July 15, our friends at Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap will match your donation! Take advantage of this generous offer and help support ASA today!

Thank you,

Don Duncan
California Director

P.S. – Download a copy of the July newsletter to read and share.

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