The Drug Dealer Strikes Again: Germany Approves Marijuana Drug “Sativex” for Sale

Sativex, Germany, drug approval,

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I don’t grow weed so I don’t know. But maybe you do grow weed and so maybe you’ll know the answer to this one. How long does it take to grow a marijuana plant and what’s the time span that one would have to wait until that said plant is ready for ingestion?

See, I ask this because GW Pharmaceutics just spent a decade developing some type of cannabis concoction that has now been approved for use in treating ‘spasticity’ due to Multiple Sclerosis. They are currently approved to sell this same drug in the United Kingdom and Spain; and now Germany has sold out to big pharma allowing the drug pushers to peddle their ‘medicine’ to the terminally ill public.

Sativex contains active ingredients called ‘cannabinoids’ that are extracted from cannabis plants. It took GW around 10 years to develop the medicine, using genetically unique cannabis plants that are grown at a top-secret farm.

Strange how the pharma industry gets to grow, and ‘study’ marijuana in top-secret farms but you and I better not get caught with so much as a weed seed bouncing around in the sole of an old Converse sneaker in some countries.

We wrote about Sativex a few days ago; you can read that article right here and decide if you think the future of marijuana medical relief should really be put in the hands of ‘the pusher man’ aka Big Pharma.

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