Portugal, The Prime Example of Marijuana Decriminalization

What’s good homies, before I start I just need to say, this is the greatest news I’ve heard in awhile. So Portugal celebrated 10 years of drugs being decriminalized on July 1st this year, and things could never be better. Most people believe if drugs in general were available to the public for recreational use it would cause more addiction, crime and violence, broken homes, etc. Well, Portugal says differently. Lets look at the stats in the past ten years, a little insight on the “horrors” that have been a result of  Portugal’s choices. Decreased youth drug use, less overdoses, HIV/AIDS rates are down, less crime, reduced criminal justice expenditures, greater access to drug treatment, and safer and healthier communities. Sounds like its about time we take the chance, don’t you think? Full story here.

“In Portugal’s thoroughly re-envisioned drug policy, police officers now issue citations – but do not arrest – persons found in possession of small amounts of illicit substances. People who receive these citations are ordered to appear at a ‘dissuasion commission,’ an administrative panel that operates outside of the criminal justice system.”

“Decriminalization in Portugal actually helped reduce the stigma around drug use (without increasing it) and made drug use less politically difficult to talk about. It encouraged better collaboration between law enforcement and service providers, and allowed law enforcement to focus on large-scale traffickers, resulting in increased seizures of commercial quantities of illicit drugs.”

“Our 40 year war on drugs is proof of failure. Portugal is an example of an alternative. It is time for an exit strategy from our longest, costliest war!”

Lets all take a real look at this, we have spent billion upon billions of dollars on the “War on Drugs,” and have yet to accomplish a damn thing. Now I don’t exactly agree with anybody doing meth, heroin or cocaine, but to each his own. What I do agree with is taking the chance of widening our great country’s freedoms just a bit more. Not just Marijuana, lets make the tweakers happy is well! Count on this, the war is almost over my fellow Greenies, and we are winning.

– From http://www.hailmaryjane.com

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