Jail Guard Tries To Smuggle Herb To Inmate

Image via link.

What’s good homies, this story is coming from the Cook County Jail in Illinois. April 23, 2010,  32 year old Heriberto Viramontes attacked two women as they were walking home on a Bucktown sidewalk on the 1800 block of North Damen. Now on June 11th of this year, his girlfriend was arrested minutes after leaving the jail after leaving some bud taped under the table in the visitor’s room! If that wasn’t enough stupidity by one person, more people were allegedly involved, including 50 year old Jerom Prusa, the guard who allowed this all to happen. For the full story click here.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Prusia was suspended pending an employment hearing and he resigned from the LaGrange Park Police Department, where he worked as an auxiliary officer. Prusa faces a slew of charges, especially after officers also found two knives in his uniform. Both Viramontes and Lundgren were charged with one count each of bringing contraband into a penal institution.

Alright, I usually believe everyone should enjoy herb no matter what. But this guy is pretty much undeserving of the good, let alone life for the things he did. These fools are stupid and all need to rethink they’re shit. Be about that paper, not jail.


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