What’s On Your Marijuana Bucket List?

I was cleaning out the inbox, and I found this in an e-mail from hailmaryjane.com.  I have never thought of my own stoner bucket list, but going to Amsterdam is definitely near the top of that list…Remember, this is A top ten list, not MY top ten list:

20. Use a vaporizer to get high

19. Build a giant “Scooby Doo”-esque sandwich

18. Buy your pot from the shadiest spot imaginable

17. Hit up a Bob Marley cover band show

16. Watch five classic stoner movies in one sitting

15. Paint or draw a picture while high

14. Eat a pot brownie, or, for the advanced, a fancy pot dessert treat

13. Smoke within 100 feet of a police station

12. Stare at a midget

11. Break out the Gravity Bong

10. Get high on a hot air balloon

9. Find someone new to smoke kiss

8. Take someones pot virginity

7. Smoke with a relative, preferably an older one

6. Have sex while high

5. Combine three “classic” stoner foods to form a Megazord snack

4. Get high at a transcendently beautiful location

3. See any of those big Vegas shows

2. Go to an amusement park of your choice, Disneyland being tops

1. Make the pilgrimage to the mecca of pot, Amsterdam


from http://www.theweedblog.com

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