MTV’s True Life: I’m In The Marijuana Business

MTV’s True Life: I’m In The Marijuana Business

This episode of True Life recently aired on MTV:

Ashes, Chris, Gemma and Pa are young people whose lives revolve around the business of marijuana. Although passionate about their unorthodox professions, these entrepreneurs’ dealings with weed threatens some of their closest relationships.

I don’t know that I completely agree with the cast choosen for this episode. I would like to have seen a variety of established Medical Marijuana Business workers/owners rather than these grassroots start up ventures.

Ashes is your typical household pot dealer, I don’t see anything legitimate about her “business” and for this reason I feel that featuring her as someone ‘in the marijuana business’ has a negative effect on the fight for legalization. It would have been more beneficial to highlight the work of a Budtender at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Chris is working towards his goal of being a grower/vender for medical cannabis dispensaries by going to Oaksterdam University. A word of warning, just because you go to and or graduate from Oaksterdam doesn’t mean you will be granted a spot in the marijuana industry. Since the business is still very much a legal grey area, established dispensaries may tend to keep their operations tight knit.

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  1. Posted by Crushin' on Ashes on July 26, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Ashes from MTV’s True Life “I’m in the Marajuana Business” episode is so cute….I have been trying to google her and find her on facebook but have had no luck….anyone have any ideas how to find her to write her a little note telling her how much I admire her strength, courage and….cuteness….;-) Crushin’ on Ashes


  2. she’s dating a friend of mine, you can find her on facebook though.


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