How To: Make Cannabis Infused Alcohol In a Watermelon

What’s good Greenies and welcome to another tasty Tainted Tuesday….wait a minute, that’s ThisBuds4You’s line and this is her feature! No worries, I’m steppin in today to help her out while she gears up for a trip. I thought with the start of NFL Preseason I would hook up you Greenies with an easy recipe for the perfect party snack that will get you buzzed and have you floating. Hit the jump for the recipe

What We’ll Need:

  • 750ml/26oz high-proof liquor (with alcohol content over 50% – the higher the better!)
  • 20-25 grams of marijuana
  • Watermelon


  • Grind your cannabis down to an extremely fine powder.
  • Decarb your cannabis by placing it on a cooking sheet in the oven at the lowest temperature possible or around 120 degrees F. After about an hour the marijuana should be extremely dry and crumble easily.
  • Open the bottle of liquor and pour all the cannabis powder into the bottle, be sure to close tight. (Note: if there is too much alcohol for the amount of cannabis, remove some alcohol before pouring the cannabis powder in. Every ounce of alcohol you remove makes your Green Dragon more potent, so keep that in mind!)
  • Now this is where the patience comes in, you will need to shake the bottle very well several times a day, for best results do this for ten days, the longer you let it go the better the outcome.
  • After at least ten days of shaking and letting the alcohol absorb the powers of the cannabis, strain out all the finely ground bud using a cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer.
  • Once you’ve completely strained out all the leafy crap pour the Green Dragon back into the bottle and cut a hole in the top of your watermelon large enough to stick the top of the bottle in.
  • Let the Green Dragon soak into the watermelon overnight, be sure to keep it refrigerated. Once all the Green Dragon has been absorbed into the watermelon you can slice it up and enjoy responsibly at your next BBQ.

Recipes from The Cannabis Chef

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