Benefit Held For Patient Fired From Walmart for Medicating

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This story is coming out off Battle Creek, Michigan. Last year after a workplace injury, Joseph Casias, age 30, was fired after THC was found in his system in a routine drug screening. Now Joseph is a seriously ill cancer patient, and only used the herb after work to help with pain. And he was using it upon the recommendation he received from his oncologist! But that wasn’t enough for the corporate giant Walmart, no. To them he’s just another criminal, not a patient. Walmart even tried to deny Joseph his unemployment benefits, but failed. This type of injustice just shows how shaky the laws that are supposed to protect patients can be, and how desperatley our country needs change. For the full story, click here.

“I just don’t understand why it is so bad to use something that helps me and many others who suffer with illnesses and pain,” Casias said. “Why would you not want to help people who are suffering with high levels of pain? Where is the compassion for your fellow man?”

“Medical marijuana helps me and a lot of others, and I am grateful for every person who helps sick patients with their medicine and information on medical marijuana, because without people like them I would not know what I know today,” Casias said.

I think its time for us all to step up and help one of our own. This former Walmart Associate of the Year has been betrayed by the company he was so loyal to, now we need to do what we can. A three-day Great Lakes Compassion Benefit for Joseph Casias has been set for Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18, at Lucky Lake Campground, 3977 West Wilke Road, Montague, Michigan. If your in the area do your best to attend, I know I will be.

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