Drug Prohibition Cause Child Slavery?

Drug Prohibition Cause Child Slavery?

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This story is coming out of the United Kingdom. To be honest, it breaks my heart to write this. A recent investigation by Al Jazeera reveals that hundreds of children in the UK are introduced to the drug trade every year, mostly Vietnamese. That isn’t the only trouble these children face, but it seems when they are finally found, they are treated as criminals as well. The documentary “Children of The Cannabis Trade” tells us that UK police have been aware of these outrageous acts since 2004. These children, often at very young ages, are sold by the their own families to gangs and are sent to work on farms tending the plants.

You might ask, “why would such a thing be necessary?” Well, let me break it down for you all, because of such a high demand for cannabis in the UK due to prohibition, the gangs and slave trade found profit in it by buying children to grow their crop. In the past ten years the UK’s cannabis market has drastically changed from 90% imported to over 90% domestically grown. And its all thanks to these poor children. If this isn’t enough information to change even the tightest of anti-drug advocates, I’m not sure what will. But we all must keep fighting. For the full story, click here.

And the most ironic thing is that we hear from the government constantly how we must keep drugs illegal to “protect the children”, yet this state of affairs isn’t exactly protecting anyone except the gangs themselves. One wonders, as with the British phone hacking scandal, how many of these police are corrupt, since they’ve known about this slavery situation for seven long years and it’s still going on.

If you all would like to view the documentary “Children of  The Cannabis Trade,” please visit this link. Lets keep up the good fight, if not for the herb, then lets do it for the good of all of those who suffer.

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