Free Weed!? I’ll Vote for That… Michigan Clinic Trades Weed for Civic Duty

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Image Via THC Finder

I don’t need much motivation to participate in the political process. I mean, my Grandma marched with Martin Luther King in Alabama during the boycotts and my mother was politically active through volunteering and serving on committee boards. I know the power and privilege of the almighty vote.

But some people DO need motivation and recently Your Healthy Choice Clinic of Lansing, Michigan held their own voter registration. In an effort to motivate the citizens to come in and learn about the clinic patrons were offered free pot.

The owner who goes by the name of Shekina Pena offered up to a half of gram of marijuana to folks who visited her store. She saw this as a way to educate the public about medical marijuana and the issues facing the pubic in the upcoming November elections. Needless to say she was hit with plenty of criticism and the offer has since been rescinded.

It was not the intent of the citizens to allow for shenanigans like this,” Schuette said in a statement Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “Citizens were told this was a way to help seriously ill people, yet here again is an example of the law being exploited by those with their own agenda.”

I don’t know, having politicians accuse medical marijuana dispensaries who attempt to participate in  the political process as ‘exploiting’ the system for their own agenda sounds like the pot calling the kettle Purple Kush. Shout out to the American political process…may she rest in piece (s).

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