Get Free Medical Marijuana In Michigan If You Register To Vote

Clinic’s offer: Free pot if you register to vote

LANSING, Mich. — An offer by a Michigan business to give free medical marijuana to patients who register to vote has drawn scrutiny from the state attorney general.

Your Healthy Choice Clinic in Lansing was publicizing the offer on its website for a half gram of marijuana or an edible marijuana product in an effort to educate about an upcoming city council election and Lansing’s medical marijuana ordinance, TV stations WILX and WNEM reported.

“It wasn’t ever to lure patients or try to buy their votes,” clinic owner Shekina Pena said.

The clinic, which offered to mail in registrations, wants to support those on city council who support medical marijuana businesses, Pena said.

“We let them know how we feel, we don’t tell them who to vote for,” Pena said. “We definitely want to support the ones who are supporting us.”

On Thursday morning, the offer wasn’t visible on the website. An email seeking comment was sent to the clinic Thursday by The Associated Press.

In a statement Wednesday, Attorney General Bill Schuette said his office was carefully reviewing the matter.

“It was not the intent of the citizens to allow for shenanigans like this,” Schuette said. “Citizens were told this was a way to help seriously ill people, yet here again is an example of the law being exploited by those with their own agenda.”

Michigan voters agreed in 2008 to legalize marijuana for the treatment of some health problems.

Earlier this month, the Lansing City Council approved a cap on medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Application fees of $1,000 also were adopted.

Other communities have passed local rules.

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