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Police Searching For Owner Of 38 Bales Of Marijuana

Photo: CBS 12
Broward County Sheriff’s detectives are looking for the owner of 38 bales of marijuana that were left inside a van in West Park, Florida.

​Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Office detectives are looking for the rightful owner of 38 bales of marijuana that were left unattended inside a van in West Park.

Deputies responded to the parking lot of the Home Depot on Friday morning after someone complained about a van that was parked across several parking spaces, reports CBS 12. Deputies inspected the exterior of the van and smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming form inside.
Peeking through the van’s windows, all they could see was a blue tarp covering a “large bundle.”

Drug detection dogs were called to the scene and alerted to the scent. A search of the van revealed it contained 38 “large bags” (they look more like bricks to me) of marijuana.
The total load got a “cop estimate” of $2.2 million, but that doesn’t really mean a lot, especially since they didn’t bother to say exactly how much pot fits in “38 large bags.”
Investigators are trying to track down the origin of the van and the weed, as well as the owner of both.
Anyone with information about the drugs or the owner is asked to contact the Broward Sheriff’s Office at 954-765-4321 or Broward Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-TIPS. You can also visit online.
I can’t tell you to leave spurious, humorous and insulting tips, because that would clearly be illegal and oh-so-direspectful of the great state of Florida’s harsh marijuana laws.
No, really, stop it! Don’t do that! You darn rascals!

El Monte Marijuana Bust Uncovers $1 Million In Pot

El Monte Marijuana Bust

When Los Angeles deputies responded to a burglary-in-progress call in El Monte, they had no idea they’d be stumbling across one of the biggest marijuana grow houses in the city’s history.

On Saturday morning, four men and a teen boy were caught trying to break in to what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse on Continental Avenue. Instead of guns or other weapons, the thieves were armed with gloves and clippers, reports NBC LA. Their getaway car? A U-Haul.

Eventually, one of the suspects tipped authorities off about their intended target: over 3,000 marijuana plants valued at around $1 million. After obtaining a search warrant, El Monte police entered the warehouse to carry out what is being touted as “the biggest drug bust in El Monte history.”

KTLA’s look inside the El Monte warehouse plantation reveals a secret 3-foot high crawl space where a guard was stationed to watch the door through an air-conditioning vent. Inside, a sophisticated system of lighting and irrigation nurtured thousands of marijuana plants that were just three weeks away from harvest. Finally, the growers evaded detection by sourcing their electricity directly from underground wires, which authorities believe enabled them to steal $10,000 of electricity per month.

One of the robbery suspects alleges that the grow house belongs to his family, who was cutting him out of the profits. He had wrangled four friends to help him claim his share. From the Daily News Wire Service:

Benjamin Kwok, 37, of San Gabriel, Xing Xi He, 24, of Baldwin Park, Louie Frank Fraijo, 28, also of Baldwin Park, Raymond Guan, 29, of Rosemead and a 17-year-old boy from San Gabriel were all arrested and booked for commercial burglary…

El Monte is no stranger to jackpot marijuana busts. In 2008, a home in a small gated community was busted for housing a $1 million marijuana plantation. In 2010, police busted two more home plantations with estimated values of $250,000 and $1 million.

FBI Busts Miami Cop For Drugs He Stole From Dealer

Photo: Mail Online

​A Miami police officer was arrested by the FBI on Thursday and charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana he had stolen from a drug dealer last year.

Roberto Asanza, 31, of Miami, a six-year veteran of the force, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, reports Jay Weaver at the Miami Herald. Asanza, a Marine veteran and 1998 graduate of Coral Park High, was released on a personal surety bond after his first appearance in federal court on Thursday.
Asanza faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. His lawyer — an assistant federal public defender named Kashyap Patel — declined to comment.

Graphic: Miami Police Department
​ Asanza and other Crime Suppression Unit members arrested a man identified as “L.R.” at an Allapattah, Florida window-tinting shop in early May of last year, and seized numerous bags of cocaine and marijuana, according to an FBI affidavit.
However, those drugs never found their way to the evidence room, reports Kyle Munzenrieder at Miami New Times.
When FBI agents stopped Asanza’s police cruiser a few weeks later, they found 10 bags of cocaine and two of marijuana, which were part of the same drug stash taken from the Allapattah drug dealer, the affidavit said.
Miami police are assisting the FBI in the investigation, which also involves Asanza’s supervisor.
In January 2010, Asanza and another Miami police officer, identified as “R.I.” in the affidavit, recruited a confidential informant to work undercover. R.I. is Raul Iglesias, 38, a Miami police sergeant who was in charge of the Central District’s Crime Suppression Unit before he was suspended with pay following the FBI’s stop of Asanza’s vehicle, according to sources.
Sixteen-year veteran Iglesias has not been charged but is under investigation, sources said.
His lawyer, William Matthewman, claimed Iglesias is an “excellent police officer who has done absolutely nothing wrong. It is unfortunate that his name is being raised in this context.”
The confidential informant tipped off R.I. and Asanza about the dealer who sold drugs at the Allapattah tint shop. On May 5, 2010, Iglesias, Asanza and other CSU members arrested L.R. at the tint shop and seized the drugs.
Around three weeks later, FBI agents interrogated Asanza. He let them search his truck, where they found the drugs. Asanza admitted to the agents that the drugs were taken from the tint shop dealer after his arrest.
In October, Asanza admitted to FBI agents that both he and Iglesias “took custody of the drugs and money” from the tint shop dealer, according to the affidavit. Asanza also admitted that he “paid” the informant numerous times with “one or two bags” of cocaine seized from the dealer.
“Asanza admitted that he knew it was wrong to give drugs to the CI [confidential informant], but that he was trying to build a rapport with the CI,” the affidavit said.
After the dealer’s arrest, the confidential informant said that Iglesias paid him $40 for his services. The informant said he signed a receipt for it, which is department policy.
Asanza then said, “Hook [the CI] up some,” according to the affidavit.
Iglesias then handed the informant $80 — cash found at the tint shop — along with two bags of cocaine, according to the affidavit.
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