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Maastricht Cannabis Cafes to Ban All But Dutch, Belgians, Germans

Dutch City attempts to reduce drug tourism by introducing discriminatory laws

Cannabis cafes in Maastricht are to ban all but Dutch, German and Belgian nationals from their premises as part of a plan to reduce the nuisance caused by marijuana smokers, the AD reports on Thursday.

Marc Josemans, of the local cannabis cafe owners association, told the paper the ban will reduce the number of marijuana tourists coming to the border town by some 500,000 a year – or 20% of the total. Some 70% of the city’s coffee shop customers come from abroad.

Visitors from Germany and Belgium will still be allowed in the cafes because the two countries border the Netherlands, the AD says.

City council

The paper says Maastricht city council ‘takes note of the plan but does not support it’. And, it points out, the plan can be considered discriminatory because not all foreigners are being banned.

The council has been trying to reduce drugs tourism for several years.

The national government already has plans to stop everyone who is not an official resident of the Netherlands from buying marijuana in coffee shops by turning them all into members’ only clubs.

The European court of justice has said this is technically possible under EU law.

– Article Originally from Dutch News.

What a Marijuana Judge Looks For When Reviewing A Strain

by Matt Mernagh – Monday, July 11 2011

On Tuesday, July 12 I will reach a marijuana review milestone. Having pen & published 150 marijuana reviews. That includes marijuana photo galleries too. The last two reviews published, Cindy Bubbles and DJ Short’s Blueberry were donation from cannabis growers I know. From their personal head stash. Review 150 is another personal grower donation. Their samples were awesome. l am developing an excellent nug network of people who want to show off their efforts. Always looking for more. You can send your product to be reviewed to 1161 St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON, M6E 1B2.
I always write my reviews under the influence of the marijuana being reviewed. Usually rocking out on Blip to get the beat of my words down. If I had it together I would return to my original career as a music critic and do cannabis and album reviews. Rock out to a album to be reviewed while vaporizing marijuana also being reviewed. My influence is to take a music critic approach to my weed reviews. With a bit of food critic thrown in. Note, the music critic is sent everything. Developing a pallet takes time. Publicists pester professional critics (not food ones), offer dinners, passes and the like to curry favor. If weed arrived around here at the pace music, movies and other culture sent to alt-weeklies like NOW I’d have to hire a staff.
It’s more difficult to be critical with weed because it’s generally all very, very, good. The people handing me buds are proud of their homegrown grass. They want to show someone who will appreciate it by photographing and blogging their senses. In other words I’m getting cream.
Rarely am I afforded an opportunity to review the same strain twice. I’ve had a few strains several times now. Especially my favorite Jean Guy. I can even identify her.
Then exactly what are we judging? The grower, the genetics or the bud. Or combination of all three. I believe all of the above. Some weed is well grown, but doesn’t do diddly for my health condition or have a solid marijuana high. Then there’s weed that works for me and isn’t well grown. Flush your plants! Breeders do produce strains that do just suck Cartman’s balls.
Marijuana grown by two different people will produce different results. Based on skill level, nutrients and soil. Presuming both received equal genetics. One growers seed maybe fresh and vibrant while another receives old tired beans.
A goal we have is to hold a grower competition involving the same strain. Everyone picks up their clone on the same day and returns 90 later with finished result. With the clone producer not allowed to compete as they grew the mother plant.

High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup Results!

Here are the results from the competition:


1st Place – Greenway Compassionate Relief’s Baklava
2nd Place
– Bhang Chocolate’s Bhang Chocolate Triple Strength Fire Bar
Place – Vapor Room Co-operative, Om Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Truffle
Place – Master Control Unit Collective, Alaskan Thunderfuck (9.23%)
Place – Elemental Wellness, Center, Jamaican Lion (8.10%)
1stPlace – Florin Wellness Center, Herojuana
1stPlace – Philips Rx, Mars OG
2nd Place – Berkeley Patients Group, Sour Diesel Wax
3rd Place
– The Cali Connection Seed Company Collective, Regulator Kush Wax
1st Place – D & M Compassion Center, OG Kush
2nd Place – Buds & Roses, Star Dawg
3rd Place – Leonard Moore Co-Operative, The Pure

1st Place – Harborside Health Center (San Jose), Boggle Gum
2nd Place – Elemental Wellness Center, The True OG
3rd Place
– 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center, 7 Star Pure Kush
1st Place – Granddaddy Purple Collective, Bay 11
2nd Place – OrganiCann, Alpha Blue
3rd Place – Happy Lil’ Trees, Sonoma Coma

California Medical Marijuana Cooperatives And Collectives Could Get Zoned Out

California cannabis
The California Assembly Committee on Local Government will vote on a bill that will make it much more difficult to establish a legal medical cannabis patients’ cooperative or collective on Tuesday, June 29. Senator Lou Correa’s (D-Santa Ana) SB 847 will require that all cooperatives and collectives be located at least 600 feet from residential zones or use – effectively excluding vast portions of most California cities. This would be on top of the existing requirement that facilities be located 600 feet from schools.

We need to stop this bad bill before it reaches the Assembly floor. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is calling on medical cannabis patients and supporters to oppose SB 847 today. ASA’s Online Action Center makes it easy to find your state Assemblymember and send a message right now.

SB 847 is burdensome. It is already hard enough for patients to organize and operate legal cooperatives and collectives. This new rule may make it almost impossible in some cities. Most medical cannabis patients rely on cooperatives and collectives for access to medicine, so onerous restrictions like this serve to choke off safe access. That is not what voters intended when they approved Proposition 215 calling on lawmakers “to implement a plan to provide for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana to all patients in medical need of marijuana.”

SB 847 is unnecessary. Research conducted by ASA and more than fifteen years of experience with medical cannabis in California have taught us that sensible local regulations reduce crime and complaints. We do not need to usurp local control on medical cannabis. Instead, legislators should be cooperating with local government and other stake holders to adopt state laws that facilitate safe, reliable, and legal access to medicine.

Email your California Assemblymember today and ask him or her to vote no on SB 847.

Thank you for helping!


Don Duncan
California Director

P.S. – ASA needs your help to keep fighting for safe access in California and Washington, DC. Please make a special contribution to support our work today.

High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 in San Francisco

HIGH TIMES will return to San Francisco June 25 & 26 to host a medical cannabis competition like no other. Join the world’s premier marijuana magazine in the City by the Bay where the best medicinal marijuana, hashish and edibles will be crowned!

Don’t miss your chance to take in a mind-blowing two-day expo, cultivation, legalization and activism seminars, and of course a very special VIP party.

Grab your tickets today!

For more info, or to purchase tickets, head to

Song of The Day: Weed Song by Bone Thugs & Harmony

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

We’ll be listening to this song all day at Cafe Vale Tudo.

Open all weekend long to fulfill your marijuana needs.
Come see us!

24601 Raymond Way, Suite 9B
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 454-9227

Dutch Government Moves Ahead With Weed Ban For Foreigners

Photo: THC Finder
The Dutch make lots of money on cannabis tourism — so obviously, they have to stop that. Wait a minute…

​The Dutch Cabinet said it will go ahead with plans to force anyone wishing to buy marijuana at the country’s “coffee shops” to first get an official pass — a move designed to stop tourists from buying cannabis.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he plans to begin rolling out the system in southern Netherlands later this year, reports the Associated Press. The southern part of the country is popular with French and German cannabis tourists. The system would then be instituted in Amsterdam’s famed weed cafes, which are major tourist attractions for the city, later in Rutte’s term of office.

The Dutch Supreme Court must still rule on whether foreigners can be blocked entirely, Justice Ministry spokesman Wim van der Weegen said on Friday.

Regardless, the plan will prevent cafes from issuing more than 1,500 permits in all, forcing shop owners to choose between tourists and their regular customers.
That is seen by some observers as a clever way to get around the European Union requirement of treating all EU residents equally — by not telling shops they have to ban foreigners, just tell them they can only sell cannabis to 1,500 total customers. Of course, most or all shops will pick the local regulars, rather than tourists who will only be in town a couple days.
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