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42 Ways To Tell If Someone May Be A Stoner


Stoner friends are the best. If you have no bud, they might have some and come and blaze with you. You laugh together, cry together, and cough up smoke together. Finding new smoking buddies makes me very excited but you have to be careful trying to find new friends who smoke because afterall, it is illegal and all.

Have you ever been suspicious of a co-worker or friend being a stoner but you weren’t sure? Here are 42.0 ways for you to find out if you potentially have a new smoking buddy or not. These are not all true for every smoker so they won’t always apply but many of them apply to many smokers.

Hopefully no cops are reading this.  If you are a cop, leave my page immediately, but click on some ads before you go.

  1. They always have a lighter, but you never see them smoke
  2. They always smell like weed
  3. You go to their house and is in their browsing history.
  4. You see them hop out of this van.
  5. If you ask them a question, every single response is “what? or “what did you say man?”
  6. If you are a stoner yourself, usually you can just tell.  Sort of like a stoner 6th sense.
  7. If they are funny and usually calm.
  8. Sometimes you see them and their eyes are red as hell and others they aren’t.
  9. They are always “tired.”
  10. Check the bottom of their lighter. If it has black marks on the bottom of their lighter, you know they been using it to push down bowls / snub out joints.
  11. Their lighter has no safety
  12. If they smoke cigarettes, they hold it between their index and thumb, instead of between their middle find and index.
  13. Their DVD collection includes half baked, how high, pineapple express, or any number of the other movies on this list.
  14. They are always smiling.
  15. They walk, move and/or talk slowly.
  16. Half the cardboard has been ripped off their pack of papers
  17. They like it big…
  18. Burnt finger tips
  19. Burnt lips aka smokers lip.
  20. Their ipod contains songs from this list.
  21. They always take a break at work at 4:20 pm.
  22. Stoners usually have baggy eyes, whether they are high or not.
  23. If you have dreads you are probably a stoner, if you are white and have dreads you are almost certainly a stoner.stoner-791927
  24. If they own a long board.  Where do you think they are riding? To go get stoned, duh!
  25. They use the term “dank for almost anything.  (Dank food, dank drinks, dank bud, etc.)
  26. They wear sun glasses at night
  27. They are very good with fractions (1/8ths, 1/4ths, 1/2ths, etc.) and conversions (28.3 g=1 ounce and 16o= 1 pound)
  28. If they are wearing a Bob Marley, Kottonmouth Kings, or Cypress Hill tee,
  29. They use Rohto eye drops.  Most people will just use visine but all real stoners know that Rohto is king.Coupon Outline
  30. They are a graduate of Oaksterdam University.
  31. They are from California, Amsterdam or Jamaica.  This isn’t a guarantee but I’ll usually put money on people from these places being stoners.
  32. You meet them at 3am at 7-11 buying two hot dogs, a bag of doritos, skittles, and a 2 liter bottle of pepsi; while you are buying the same thing.
  33. They always got some intellectual shit to say even though its usually irrelevant.
  34. Their favorite color is green, or purple.
    6-24-08 PurpleWreck (4)
  35. They wear clothes made out of hemp.
  36. You met them at Ziggy Marley concert.
  37. They haven’t shaven in weeks (sometimes, or they might just be grimey)
  38. They pull their cigarette like a blunt.
  39. They dress like a hippy.
  40. Even their pets know how to get it in.
  41. They can barely make it to the end of a list like this without getting distracted.
  42. Ask them.  Most of the time it will be fine as long as you are not asking a cop, a teacher, or your boss.

Shout outs to my friends at grass cityThis post inspired this post from me.  Did I forget anything?  Leave it in the comments people.

Real Girls Smoking Pot… Are Hot

Stoner Chicks are the hottest girls on the planet. Right above women with iPads and girls who like listening to Nikki Minaj. Not to mention it’s awesome seeing people like us doing stuff that we do. And the more people we see, the more we realize everyone really is just like us.
This is our third post sharing photos from Go see Part 1.

Sexism in the Marijuana Trade

I’ve been a part of the marijuana movement since I started working for High Times in 1989. Though High Times is predominately run by a number of women at the top, the magazine is a boy’s club, edited primarily by men. High Times caters to a predominately male readership. That’s why the magazine has featured photo spreads of Playmates, Penthouse Pets and porn stars. It’s a men’s magazine first, and the editors and bosses know how to play to their crowd.

While I worked at High Times (I left in 2007), several editors pursued these photo shoots, steering the magazine perilously in the porn direction. It all started with Jenna Jameson in 2001 for a “Pot & Sex” issue. The porn star was on top of her world at the time and the issue flew off newsstands.

High Times is no different than most publishing companies. When something works, the bosses say, “Do that again.” So the chase was on to find more Jennas. From that point, there was run of cheesecake covers – from Stoner Girls Next Door to Jenna (again) to more recent Miss High Times winners to yet another porn star, Tera Patrick. Do stoners really want porn with their pot?

I fought the good battle there and lost. When I was co-editor from 2004-2006, the dreaded sex issue came up. On one side of the editorial board, it was decided to pursue Jenna. On the other side, a few staffers contacted Penthouse. I stood in the middle. When push came to shove, I chose the Jenna cover.

I’m not a prude, I just don’t think it’s appropriate to fill up a pot magazine with images strictly for male readers, essentially turning off the female base. The few women on the staff would occasionally suggest that a sexy guy should be on the cover. Never happened. I’d regularly hear from women in the movement who’d distanced themselves from the magazine because of the racy content.

Another issue has long been the use of scantily-clad women in advertisements. Take a look at most marijuana mags and websites and you’ll inevitably be confronted by objectionable ads, like the banners or the BC Bud Depot two-page spreads. These are tacky trade-magazine ads that diminish the overall quality of any publication that accepts them. But they also pay the bills.

Now that I’m a website publisher, I encounter the same issues High Times faces, just on a smaller scale. We’ve built CelebStoner as a counter to High Times and Skunk – a sexist-free environment where readers don’t have to be worried about being offended by salacious ads and editorial content. We’ve rejected numerous ad banners that were deemed offensive. High Times doesn’t turn any advertiser away.

Elsewhere on the web, you’ll find plenty of “buds & babes” sites, such as,,, and so on, featuring women smoking pot with little or no clothes on. Clearly, these are men’s sites. Just like with porn, if women allow themselves to be photographed nude for the purpose of male and (and certainly in some case) female arousal, that’s their choice. Let’s assume no one is being forced to do anything. The same goes for so-called bud babes. Still, these sites demean women who otherwise would not be featured if they didn’t play the part of sexy sirens.

Been to a cannabis trade show lately? The floors are crawling with barely-clothed women pitching products. People shrug and say that’s what happens at trade shows, but why does that have to be the case at our shows? Are we not different and better? At KushCon II in December, the NORML Woman’s Alliance (NWA) made a stink about the woman in question and a dress code was hastily ordered (and of course not followed).

These issues sparked the forming of the NWA last year. Women in the movement are tired of being harassed, bullied, taken for granted and advantage of, not considered for leadership positions, and objectified. The NWA got together for a tasteful photo shoot to show how they want to be seen – as elegant, powerful woman, not cheesecake girls flaunting their assets.

When I heard the MPP was returning to the Playboy Mansion for another one of their big fundraisers, I called for a boycott. At first, people wondered why. I reminded them that the organization’s co-founder and executive director Rob Kampia was suspended last year for having sex with a drunk female subordinate employee after work and other charges of sexual harassment. Many of the MPP’s most prominent employees quit in the wake of the scandal. In my opinion, Kampia should have been fired and replaced by a woman. Instead, he was reinstated after a three-month benching.

The MPP skipped the Playboy event in 2010 for obvious reasons, but apparently now it’s okay to head back to the Mansion. People sure have short memories.

This promises to be Kampia’s coming-out party. But it would be like giving a recently-stopped cigarette smoker a case of Camels. For someone who’s described himself as “hypersexualized” and went through many sessions of therapy, the Playboy Mansion is the last place he and his organization should be raising money.

I’m hoping that the cannabis community will support this event only if the MPP relocates it to another venue. If not – and if people show up in droves at the Playboy Mansion on July 7 – then we have a bigger problem than I ever imagined.

Bong Smoking Game

If you and your stoner circle like to rip your bongs then this is the game for you!
The aim of the bong smoking game is to smoke the weed in your bong quicker than everyone in the circle can.

The prize: Before the game, everybody puts there bit towards a joint to be rolled by the winner.

How to play the bong game:
1. After putting your bit of weed in for the winners spliff, everybody participating in the game should pack a nice fat bowl.
2. Once the bowls have been packed someone says “3, 2, 1 toke!”
3. The first person to finish burning the contents of their bowl wins.
4. The winner rolls the joint, sparks that doobie and shares it with the losing friends!

This is a very fun smoking game guaranteed to get you high as hell!

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