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What Is The Best Strain Of Medical Marijuana For Helping Nausea?


The use of medical marijuana to relieve nausea is well established, both anecdotally and from research papers. Both THC and cannabinoids are known to mitigate nausea, and smoking weed gives better relief from vomiting that taking THC orally.

A two studies undertaken in 2007 revealed that THC improves appetite and reduced weight loss in AIDS patients and smoking medical marijuana led to an increased intake of cannabis and weight gain.

As nausea and vomiting are side-effects of many treatments and symptoms of many illnesses, marijuana is a powerful drug to have in the medical armory and a synthetic form of THC to be taken in oral form was created for this very reason. However, the majority of patients prefer to smoke or vaporize ‘real’ cannabis instead of taking the artificial form.

What is most exciting about the link between weed and nausea is the fact that in cases where standard anti-emetics have failed to provide any relief, medical marijuana did the job. A recent study published in the New York State Journal of Medicine reported on 56 patients who were given marijuana following the failure of traditional anti-emetic drugs to relieve their sickness. The astounding result was a 78% success rate in this group of patients after smoking medical marijuana.

How to I use Medical Marijuana for my Nausea
Your very first action, if you are thinking about treating your nausea with medical marijuana, is to check out the medical marijuana state laws where you live. Despite the evidence of its usefulness in this situation, nausea doesn’t appear on the qualifying medical conditions of every state.

Having said that, you may well find that your primary condition – the illness which is causing you to feel sick and/or vomit – does appear on the approved list. Cancer, for instance, is pretty universal as far as state laws go.

If you discover that you can legally use marijuana to ease your nausea, you will need to find a medical marijuana doctor.

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Are there any Particular Medical Marijuana Strains that are Good for Nausea
The Indica dominant Chemo strain of marijuana was reputedly developed by Dr David Suzuki back in the 1970s for the specific role of treating the nausea and pain that is associated with chemotherapy treatment.

Users report a pleasant aroma – a very important factor when dealing with nausea. As far as flavor is concerned, when allowed to linger in the mouth, there is a distinctly sweet and sugary taste.

Chemo makes an excellent night time medicine as it helps with pain as well as nausea – it’s particularly good for relieving stomach pain. Because of its indica dominance (almost 100%) it does not leave behind any feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

If you live in a state where cultivation of medical marijuana is allowed, then Chemo is quick to flower and gives high yields – around 500 grams per square meter. Seeds are widely available.

Lots of good quality research together with pretty powerful anecdotal stories make it very difficult to ignore the fact that medical marijuana does help ease the symptoms of nausea.

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Patient Gets Two Years For Sharing Medical Marijuana

Graphic: The Pencil Method
​ A Montana man will spend two years in prison for the offense of sharing three grams of his medical marijuana with friends last November.
District Judge Dusty Deschamps called it a “Mickey Mouse” offense, but in sentencing Matthew Otto, 27, on Tuesday, the judge said he took into account Otto’s “extensive criminal history” as supposed justification for the harsh sentence, reports Jenna Cederberg of The Missoulian.
Deschamps sentenced Otto to 20 years in prison after a jury convicted him in March on one count of “criminal distribution of dangerous drugs” (they’ve got to be kidding). Two years will be served at the Montana State Prison and will run concurrently with a previous sentence. The judge suspended the other 18 years of the sentence, which will be served on parole under Department of Corrections supervision.

Among other conditions, Otto cannot use medical marijuana (since when is medical treatment based on criminal record?), and must earn his GED within a year (damn, I thought Deschamps was his judge, not his daddy).
Photo: Cory Morse/Muskegon Chronicle
Otto had three grams of medical marijuana when he was arrested in November. He also had a medical marijuana card, but was found guilty because he passed a pipe filled with pot to two passengers while driving down Reserve Street. An off-duty Missoula County sheriff’s detective — miserable bastard that he is — saw and reported the “incident.” (Dude should maybe get a life if the best thing he has to do is report a medical marijuana patient for passing a pipe.)
The maximum penalty for criminal distribution is life in prison and a $50,000 fine. However, the Montana Supreme Court ruled in 1983, in State v. Arbgast, that state law allows for deferred or suspended sentences in cases involving marijuana sales.
Otto’s “extensive criminal history” was the focus of discussion at Tuesday’s sentencing.
Deputy County Attorney Andrew Paul, calling Otto a “persistent felony offender,” recommended five years in prison.
Paul noted that Otto had nearly 30 juvenile convictions before he racked up multiple theft and parole violation convictions as an adult. Otto “has zero interest in changing his life,” an obnoxiously self-righteous Paul told the judge.
Otto told the judge that he was in the middle of rethinking what he called his “big giant piece of crap” life, adding that he may need medication for mental health issues and wanted just one more chance to “get it right.”
Deschamps then reduced the sentence recommendation from five years in prison to two years, but as he did so, he cautioned Otto: “If you come in here again, you’re looking at 20 years in the state prison.”

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