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Surprise, Surprise: Oklahoma Governor Not OK With Marijuana

Photo: Oklahoma Farm Report
OK Gov. Mary Fallin:
Smoking marijuana means you’ll end up in prison. For hash, make that a life sentence.
In a bit of non-shocking news, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said she’s firmly opposed to legalized marijuana, even for medicinal uses.
The Republican governor, who recently signed a bill establishing a life sentence for making hashish out of marijuana, made the statement Thursday during an online town hall forum, reports The Associated Press.
Fallin, one of the new breed of intellectually challenged crypto-conservative “I’d like to hit that” MILFs (think Palin and Bachmann) who seem to be the Republicans’ candidates of choice these days, claimed she analyzes hundreds of pardon and parole requests each month.

Of those, she estimates “90 percent of those criminals have struggled with substance abuse.” She claims many of those started by smoking marijuana.
Photo: Beats From The Streets
​Yes, it’s a real-life Reefer Madness governor who wants to lock you away forever for enjoying a natural herb.
The online forum, hosted by the Oklahoma GOP, had Fallin taking questions posted on the party’s Facebook page.
Dozens of the questions were about legalizing marijuana or allowing the medical use of cannabis.
A medical marijuana bill introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature earlier this year never even got a hearing.
Ironically, Governor Fallin claims to oppose federal interference in Oklahoma’s health care options.
“The federal government has the ability by law to come in and tell Oklahoma what we are going to do. I don’t want the federal government coming in and telling Oklahoma what we are going to do in insurance and providing health care,” she said in March in a conversation about President Obama’s healthcare reform.
Man, with stellar leadership like this in Oklahoma, it’s no wonder they lead the nation in… Well, I’m sure they do something right.

Free Weed!? I’ll Vote for That… Michigan Clinic Trades Weed for Civic Duty

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Image Via THC Finder

I don’t need much motivation to participate in the political process. I mean, my Grandma marched with Martin Luther King in Alabama during the boycotts and my mother was politically active through volunteering and serving on committee boards. I know the power and privilege of the almighty vote.

But some people DO need motivation and recently Your Healthy Choice Clinic of Lansing, Michigan held their own voter registration. In an effort to motivate the citizens to come in and learn about the clinic patrons were offered free pot.

The owner who goes by the name of Shekina Pena offered up to a half of gram of marijuana to folks who visited her store. She saw this as a way to educate the public about medical marijuana and the issues facing the pubic in the upcoming November elections. Needless to say she was hit with plenty of criticism and the offer has since been rescinded.

It was not the intent of the citizens to allow for shenanigans like this,” Schuette said in a statement Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “Citizens were told this was a way to help seriously ill people, yet here again is an example of the law being exploited by those with their own agenda.”

I don’t know, having politicians accuse medical marijuana dispensaries who attempt to participate in  the political process as ‘exploiting’ the system for their own agenda sounds like the pot calling the kettle Purple Kush. Shout out to the American political process…may she rest in piece (s).

Legalize Marijuana to Decrease Usage

Legalize it!by Jeremiah Vandermeer – Wednesday, August 3 2011

The latest stats show the number of Americans who use marijuana has gone up since last year. If the government really wanted to reduce marijuana use, they would legalize it.

The AFP reports:

SAMHSA also looked at Americans’ marijuana use and found that numbers using pot in the past month were up for the two years covered by the report: 6.4 percent of Americans aged 12 and older said they had used marijuana in the past month compared to six percent in 2007-2008.

In the 12- to 17-year age group, marijuana use fell, but seven percent of US teens still use cannabis, the report said.
The 10 states that saw the highest use of marijuana were Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Medical marijuana is legal in all of those states except for Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Perceptions of the dangers associated with marijuana use were lowest in the 10 states where the drug was used the most, according to the study.

Drug Warriors love to shout in booming voices that if we legalized marijuana, stoners would begin coming out of the woodwork and cause an epidemic of bong-rips and bloodshot eyes. Scientists completely disagree, and say that marijuana law reform does not lead to an increase in usage.

In fact, they say just the opposite. Evidence from countries like Portugal and the Netherlands shows that liberalizing drug laws actually leads to a decrease in usage. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Drug Warriors.

Don’t believe me? Listen to The Young Turks:

International Cannabis & Hemp Expo Coming To Oakland!

International Cannabis & Hemp Expo 3International Cannabis & Hemp Expo 3



Saturday & Sunday, September 3rd and 4th

Oakland, Ca. – Cannabis activist and CEO of the International Cannabis & Hemp Expo (INTCHE) Kim Cue is proud to announce that the 2011 expo will be held out in the open on the streets of downtown Oakland on Saturday and Sunday, September 3rd and 4th from 12pm-8pm.  The area between 14th St., Clay St. and San Pablo Ave including Ogawa Park will be blocked off for this celebration of education, awareness, and advancement of the cannabis movement.  Located directly in front of City Hall will be the designated  “215 Area” for patients to medicate. INTCHE was the first event to have an approved onsite medicating area for patients, and it was the first to bring the cannabis community together with the hemp industry to educate the general public on the 2 related plants and their individual benefits to the populace.  Since the debut of the first INTCHE, many other producers have created events to try to capitalize on the emerging industry – but without a solid agenda of professionalism, education and advancement of the political movement for patients of medical cannabis.

The agenda for the 2-day event includes speaker’s panels debating current cannabis and hemp issues.  One of those will be a discussion of the upcoming 2012 initiative to put legalization on the ballot in California.  This topic holds significance because Colorado and Washington State have already put plans in motion to put it on the 2012 ballot as well.  Historically initiatives have a greater chance of passing in presidential election years and when they have 60% support going into the race.  Colorado is already at 80% approval.   Passage of legalization propositions in any or all of these states will force a showdown with the Feds over States’ rights.  The Gallup National Poll in October of 2010 showed 46% of Americans now would vote for full legalization, and that number continues to grow.

In addition to the panels there will be over 300 vendors with information about how to obtain a recommendation for medical use, new products, growing techniques, locations of dispensaries, etc.  There will be live entertainment and a complimentary hash bar in the 215 Area.  A variety of food and nonalcoholic beverages will be available at the event.  Surrounding restaurants and bars outside the event will be open for business.

Judges who have purchased the $300 VIP ticket will receive a SWAG Bag with over 320 samples the week prior to the event.  This will include 120 strains of cannabis, 40 hashes, 40 oils, 40 waxes, and a variety of edibles.  The VIP ticket includes 2 days all access, a catered buffet including an array of cannabis infused foods, live entertainment on a private stage in the tented VIP area, a celebrity meet and greet, vapor lounge, and 2 hash bars. A limited number of these tickets are being offered.  Over 50% of these have already been sold.   These tickets are only available at:  Angels Care in San Jose, Sonoma Patients Group in Santa Rosa, and 7 Stars in El Sobrante.  Judges will cast their ballot at the event and winners will be announced at 4:20pm on Sunday.

Up to date information and advance ticket sales are available at

animal testing

Marijuana Pill BottleThe long-term administration of delta-9-THC, the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana, is associated with decreased mortality in monkeys infected with the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), a primate model of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) disease, according to in vivo experimental trial data published in the June issue of the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

Investigators at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center assessed the impact of chronic intramuscular THC administration compared to placebo on immune and metabolic indicators of SIV disease during the initial six-month phase of infection.

Researchers reported, “Contrary to what we expected, … delta-9-THC treatment clearly did not increase disease progression, and indeed resulted in generalized attenuation of classic markers of SIV disease.” Authors also reported that THC administration was associated with “decreased early mortality from SIV infection” and “retention of body mass.”

marijuana medicineInvestigators concluded, “These results indicate that chronic delta-9-THC does not increase viral load or aggravate morbidity and may actually ameliorate SIV disease progression.”

Clinical trials have previously documented that the short-term inhalation of cannabis does not adversely impact viral loads in HIV patients, and may even improve immune function.

For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: Full text of the study, “Cannabinoid administration attenuates the progression of simian immunodeficiency virus,” is available online here: Additional studies documenting the disease modifying potential of marijuana is available in the NORML handbook, Emerging Clinical Applications For Cannabis & Cannabinoids: Fourth Edition, available online at:


Frontline: ‘The Pot Republic’ Airs On PBS July 26 & 29

Photo: Frontline
Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman (left) visits a marijuana farm run by Matt Cohen (right), as featured in “The Pot Republic,” airing July 26 and 29 on PBS.

Frontline is presenting “The Pot Republic,” a report on the effort to legalize marijuana in California, this month on PBS.

While the bulk of cannabis used in the United States used to come across the border from Mexico, Colombia, Canada and elsewhere, more than half of it is now believed to be domestically grown, much of it in California, “where an enormous black market has emerged under the cover of the state’s medical marijuana law,” at least if PBS is to be believed.
With more than a third of the U.S. now experimenting with some form of legalization and decriminalization — and several California counties attempting to openly regulate cannabis production — Frontline and the Center for Investigative Reporting teamed up to take a look at the country’s oldest, largest and most wide-open marijuana market.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice fired a shot across the bow to states which have legalized, and are regulating, the growing and distribution of medicinal cannabis.
Marijuana is still illegal for any purpose under federal law, and the DOJ can even prosecute “those who knowingly facilitate such activities,” including state and local officials. (This hasn’t happened anywhere yet, but both U.S. Attorneys for the State of Washington have openly threatened to do exactly that.)
Can the federal government put the ganja genie back in the bottle? And why on earth would they want to? Stay tuned…
Frontline: The Pot Republic airs on PBS affiliates (and will be available online) Tuesday night, July 26 and will repeat Friday night, July 29. Check your local listings for airtimes, which will be 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. in most markets.
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How To: Help Re-Legalize Cannabis by David Brannon

Want to help re-legalize cannabis? Here’s an idea anyone and everyone can do if (1) you have access to the internet, and (2) you live in a community holding an election this coming November. If you are reading this you have satisfied #1, and if you live in America you satisfy #2. So, let’s get to work.

TO START: Create a list of your local candidates and the office they seek; identify where on the political spectrum each of your candidates fall. A quick review of the candidates’ on-line website or a local voter’s guide will reveal this information.

NEXT: Have you heard of the Just Say Now campaign? Our primary purpose will be to advertise the efforts of Just Say Now. So, if necessary, enlighten yourself before going any further. Pay attention to the political leanings of the members of the Advisory Board of Just Say Now. This Board represents every compass point on the political spectrum – just like your list of candidates.

Every one of your local candidates can be philosophically and politically “matched” with a Just Say Now board member. Someone on that Board is going to look and sound very much like your local candidates. Example: there are several law enforcement reps on the Board – pair them with your more conservative candidates.

THEN: Appear wherever your local pols are speaking, shaking hands, kissing babies, whatever it is they are doing, and, in front of as many voters and television cameras as possible, ask that candidate:

Do you agree with the goals and ideals of Just Say Now as “big shot so-and-so” [the candidates “match”] has done?”

Use your “do you agree” question to wake up both candidates and voters to Just Say Now. Our efforts will help get people talking about changing drug policy. Know how long it has been since this was even discussed during an election cycle? Jimmy Carter was President!

Nothing changes until lots of people start loudly demanding change. Every one of us can do our bit to help. The diverse board of Just Say Now allows a way to approach anyone seeking any office. Why shouldn’t every local dog killer be asked to take a position on drug law reform? Let’s get every politician on the record. Let’s bring to the attention of the candidates, the voters, and the media the growing, coming-from-the-bottom-up demand to reassess the failed war on drugs.

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