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NYPD Forms A Unit To Track Whoever They Want On Social Networks

The NYPD has formed a new unit to track troublemakers who announce plans or brag about their crimes on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Newly named Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor, one of the department’s online and gang gurus, has been put in charge of the new juvenile justice unit. He and his staff will mine social media, looking for info about troublesome house parties, gang showdowns and other potential mayhem, sources said.

The power of social media to empower both criminals and cops has been on full display in London this week, where riots and looting have been spreading dramatically.

Full NY Daily News Story Here

Sorry to kill your buzz NYC greenies but the NYPD announced that they created a unit to help them track criminals who snitch on themselves via social media networks facebook, twitter, and myspace (make sure you are following us). I don’t really feel like this is any different than what is already going on.  If the police, an employer, or even the FBI wanted to track any of us they would have no problems by simply typing in a google search.

What do you guys think?  Should the citizens in NYC be afraid of this new development?

NYPD Only Arrests Minorities For Marijuana, Here’s How They Do It:

evil cop
by Scott Morgan

Since 1977, it’s been technically legal in the State of New York to carry around a concealed bag of marijuana weighing less than 7/8 of an ounce. But you could be forgiven for not knowing this, since getting popped for petty pot possession is easier in New York City than anywhere else on the planet.

It’s a monumental injustice that owes its costly continuation to one simple tactic: tricking people into committing the crime of displaying their marijuana in plain sight:

What’s happening is that disproportionate numbers of black and brown young men, ages 16 to 29, are being duped into publicly revealing their allowable marijuana and then being arrested, thereby gaining a criminal record, advocates say. Police officers will say, “Empty your pockets!” turning a routine stop into an arrest and a police record.

“In 2010 in New York State, there were 54,000 marijuana arrests … 50,000 of them came from New York City, and — surprise, surprise — from neighborhoods that primarily are black, Latino and low income,” says Kyung Ji Kate Rhee, executive director of the IJJRA. “It’s not like these individuals had a felony charge and marijuana happened to be an additional charge … You’re telling me that 50,000 had marijuana in plain view? Does that sound right to you? After that initial point of police contact, they trick you into turning out your pockets.”

The NYPD did not respond to requests for comment. (The Root)



Now this is where I get confused, because if arresting young black and Latino men for tiny little bags of marijuana were as important to me as it is to the New York Police Dept., I would be extremely pleased with these results and eager to take credit for them. It makes little sense to provide your officers with special training in how to make trivial arrests for petty crimes under legally-dubious circumstances if you aren’t going to be proud of the outcome.

Why not instead spend the $75 million that all of this costs on something that you’re at least willing to admit you’ve been doing? Surely they can think of something to do with those resources that will make sense to the public, something — anything! — other than a massive, utterly pointless exercise in transparent racism that plainly violates the spirit of the laws of the State of New York.

Please click here to send a message to Mayor Bloomberg that New York City’s senseless war on marijuana must be ended once and for all.

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NYPD Cop Fired Over Marijuana Meatballs

What’s for dinner honey? For NYPD cop Anthony Chiofalo, it was meatballs spiked with a little bit of love – pot.

His wife, Catherine, had admitted to investigators that she had spiked her husband’s meatballs with marijuana. She is using marijuana for medical reasons, as a therapy for back pain. In 2006, Chiofalo was fired after failing a drug test. And last week, the Court of Appeals upheld that decision, according to  a report on the New York Daily News.

marijuana meatballs

Anthony Chiofalo has been with the NYPD for more than twenty years. He had challenged his termination by Commissioner Raymond Kelly, blaming his wife’s ingenious way of forcing him to retire and arguing that the hair sample tests that he was subjected to was not included in the stipulations that the collective bargaining agreement of his union had with the NYPD.

Unfortunately for Chiofalo, the panel of judges who looked over his appeal agreed with Kelly’s decision. The decision explained that the levels of marijuana found after Chiofalo’s test did not look like they could have been reached through “accidental ingestion” or “from second-hand smoke”.

If, indeed, this was all the handiwork of Catherine Chiofalo, then the missus seems to have done one heck of a job in order to get what she wanted.

The judges made the following statement in the decision that was released on Thursday: “The Court of Appeals has held that the Commissioner was empowered to choose the method of drug testing, and that choice was not subject to collective bargaining.”

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