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Pictures of the Buds at Cafe Vale Tudo!

Killer OG (sativa) 15/45

Blackout Purps (Indica) 15/45

Bubba OG (Hybrid) 20/60

VTC OG (Sativa) 20/60

Snow Lotus (Sativa) 20/60

Charlie Sheen OG (Sativa) 20/60

Come visit us and check out these buds + more!

Cafe Vale Tudo
24601 Raymond Way, Suite 9B
Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 454-9227

Open 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week!

*For valid California medical marijuana patients

North Alabama infant tests positive for marijuana; mom charged

FLORENCE, Ala. (AP) – Florence police say a woman was arrested after her newborn baby tested positive for having marijuana in her system.

Police say 35-year-old Jennifer Lynn Sopanos of Florence, is charged with chemical endangerment of a child.

Sopanos’ baby boy was born March 16 at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital. Police say he tested positive for THC, the main active chemical in marijuana. Ppolice detective Keith Johnson said Sopanos also tested positive for THC.

Johnson says Sopanos has denied using marijuana during her pregnancy and claims the positive test is a result of second-hand marijuana smoke.

Wax – Dispensary Girl

Our Favorite Song!

Wax – Dispensary Girl

Come in to visit your favorite girl budtender at Cafe Vale Tudo
24601 Raymond Way, Suite 9B
Lake Forest, Ca

(949) 454-9227

Open from 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week!

Who Are Potheads?

This is a question that most people think they know the answer too.

If you ask my grandpa he will say, “Potheads are those guys that hang out in front of the grocery store bumming cigarettes of everyone that walks by”
If you ask a middle aged school teacher they might say “Potheads are the delinquent students that hang out by the back of the school and always come late to class”
Pretty much if you ask anyone that only knows about marijuana from what they leaned in health class, ignorant religious people or any government sponsored commercial, there answer will almost always be something negative.
Potheads are a sub culture and the “sub” in sub culture is slowly fading away because our numbers are growing or because our numbers have always been big but just recently allot of people started coming out of the so called “grow closet”.
Ether way we are a culture and like all cultures we have our delinquents and people that make the rest of us look bad and that is the extent of it, nothing more.

Now my goal isn’t to tell you in detail about who we AREN’T, I’m here to tell you who we ARE.

We are your neighbors and friends.

We are your mail men and your bus drivers.

We have Christmas dinner with our family’s.

We give and receive love.

We are Kindergarten teachers and computer technicians

We go to PTA meetings and play chess at the park.

We are black,white,brown and speak every language on earth.

We care about others and can have our feelings hurt.

We like classical,country,punk,,oldies and any other kind of music.

We are the people that helped you change a flat tire on the freeway.

We are your doctors and nurses.

We are college teachers and college students

We are rich.

We are poor.


No matter who you are or were you live, you already know us, care about us and are involved in our lives, you just didn’t know we were potheads because we don’t fit your ignorant stereo type.
Stay blind if you want but your only making the ones you care about keep a needless secret, and if you are reading this shaking your head in disgust, stop for a Minuit and ask your self why is it so bad and then question your source of information.

100 Celebrities That Smoke Marijuana!

1. Harrison Ford
2. Drew Barrymore
3. Doug Benson
4. Jack Black
5. Jeff Bridges
6. B-Real

7. Montell Williams
8. Bill Clinton
9. George Bush Jr.
10. Al Gore
11. Obama
12. Dave Chapelle
13. Tommy Chong
14. Adrianne Curry

15. Cameron Diaz
16. Megan Fox
17. Justin Timberlake
18. Michael Phelps


19. Pharrell Williams
20. Snoop Dogg
21. Marc Emery
22. Woody Harrelson
23. Jack Nicholson
24. Kid Cudi
25. Jonah Hill
26. Seth Rogen
27. James Franco
28. Shia LaBeouf
29. Bill Mahr
30. Cheech Marin

31. Method Man
32. Matthew McConaughey
33. Paul McCartney
34. Kristin Stewart

35. Bill Murray
36. Willie Nelson
37. Brad Pitt
38. Amy Poehler
39. Sean Penn
40. Mary Louise-Parker

41. Redman
42. Joe Rogan
43. Steve-O
44. Sarah Silverman
45. Zach Galifianakis
46. Katt Williams
47. Owen Wilson
48. Neil Young
49. George Carlin
50. Frances McDormand

51. Kimora Lee Simmons
52. Mariah Carey
53. Chris Farley
54. Michelle Phillips
55. Jack Herer
56. Nicole Richie

57. Paul Dinello
58. Dione Warwick
59. Whitney Houston
60. Bobby Brown
61. Oliver Stone
62. Dawn Wells
63. Charlize Theron

64. Barbara Streisand
65. Whoopi Goldberg
66. Jerry Garcia
67. Lil Wayne

68. Charles Manson
69. Lauryn Hill
70. Peter Tosh
71. Dennis Hopper
72. Hunter S. Thompson
73. Bradley Nowell
74. Bob Marley

75. John Lennon
76. George Harrison
77. Bob Dylan
78. Jimi Hendrix
79. Notorious B.I.G.
80. Tupac
81. Marilyn Monroe
82. Miley Cyrus

83. Wiz Khalifa
84. Kid Rock
85. Jennifer Aniston
86. Prince Harry
87. Steve Jobs
88. Bill Gates
89. Paris Hilton

90. Conan O’Brien
91. William Shakespeare
92. Tommy Lee
93. Macaulay Culkin

94. Mick Jagger
95. Noel Gallagher
96. Robert Plant
97. Luke Perry
98. Kurt Cobain

99. Jim Morrison
100. George Washington

If you can add to our list, go for it! We added this up by ourselves!
Stop in to get some of that green*

Cafe Vale Tudo
24601 Raymond Way, Suite 9B
Lake Forest, CA

Opened 10 am to 10 pm every day!
(949) 454-9227
All first time patients receive a fist time gift!

*For valid medical marijuana patients & California residents only!

Did You Know This About Marijuana?


Song of the Day!

Bitty Bong Bong

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