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10 Awesome Looking Homemade Bongs


As any smoker knows, sometimes times get hard. Sometimes you can’t afford to just buy unlimited dutches for your smoking needs. The prices for dutches are going up as it is so what is a daily smoker to do to get by?

Get creative and make your own bong. That’s what.

Making a homemade bong takes some level of craftmanship and the determination to smoke that only a regular toker could have. Check out some pics of the finest looking bongs that I could get pictures of.



Bet this one would be smooth.


Counterstrike in the background.  Spent many a high night as a teenager playing that.


Bamboo is really strong wood.


Looks like they made this one in 8th grade science class.


Shout outs to my man Josh on this one.  This is a gravity bong.  It may not look like much but it hits hella hard.


What are the ice cubes for?


The bong looks great, the weed looks better though.


A system that doubles as a bong? It doesn’t get much better than that.


This would be perfect for killing those roaches.

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