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Latest Firefox Allows Marijuana Leaf Adornment


The latest version of ‘Firefox’ (3.6) allows users to ‘Choose a Persona’ for the look of their browser by picking from 30,000 designs including two weed designs which feature enough marijuana leaves to get you executed in Malaysia or busted for growing in Sutton:  ‘Reggae’ (created by ‘Jesus’) and ‘Marijuana Leaves’.


So far 1181 Firefox users have opted for Firefox’s weed persona. Unfortunately there are some side effects which could be worse than smoking weed itself (getting the munchies, voting communist etc etc), as having marijuana leaves scattered all over the interface seems to make the browser more difficult to use. Is this a miss-guided attempt to stimulate the effects of being stoned?

This idea that the effects of cannabis causes incompetence is not backed up by scientific research which found that car drivers who had recently smoked cannabis were as safe or marginally safer than those who had not smoked.

While prohibitionists might rant and issue ‘appalled’ press releases at Firefox’s digital glorification of the worlds most popular herb, they may never find out, as given their proven inability to think progressively they are probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer (the hackers friend), which is possibly the worst browser in the world.

Fact: www = world wide weed

Family Guy: Bag O’ Weed

Check out this clip from Family Guy, so hilarious!

“Mellow” Alligator Guarded Marijuana Stash in Southern California

Police in Riverside County, California recently made a raid in which they seized 2,300  cannabis plants that were guarded by a “very, very mellow” 50 pound American alligator. The marijuana grow is worth an estimated $1.5 million, and although gators are illegal to own in California, authorities say they are becoming popular pets.

This doesn’t seem like much of a security system, especially a “mellow” gator (maybe he was sampling his owner’s product). But even an aggressive gator can only be so fast and easy to kill for someone who really wanted that weed. More than likely this guy – who was released on $100,000 bail – enjoyed the novelty of having a gator on his property as opposed to a sophisticated security system.

I guess having a four-foot alligator is cool, but if you’re serious about protecting $1.5 million in cannabis, some cameras and locks might be a better investment.

Did You Know This About Marijuana?


Medical Marijuana Lobbying Debuts in D.C.

The $1.7 billion medical marijuana industry made its lobbying debut in Washington on Wednesday with its official trade association launching an effort for changes in federal tax law that would put medicinal purveyors on equal footing with fully legitimate businesses.

From an underground movement to a legal business in California, 14 other states and Washington, D.C., medical marijuana is emerging as a full-fledged commercial sector with sales that might soon rival those of Viagra, advocates said.

“We simply feel that our industry should be treated like any other legitimate industry,” said Aaron Smith, director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. He spoke at a news conference kicking off the association’s first day of lobbying, which included meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Federal law does not recognize Big Pot. The sophisticated marijuana farms sprouting up in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle and elsewhere exist in a legal twilight zone, although the Justice Department has advised its prosecutors not to pursue marijuana providers operating under state law.

The lobbying campaign is aimed at amending a federal tax code provision that categorizes medical marijuana dispensary operators as drug traffickers. Such a categorization prevents them from tax deductions for marijuana-related expenses. It also makes them particularly susceptible to audits from the Internal Revenue Service.

California has 76 percent of the nation’s medical marijuana market and issued 51,550 medical marijuana cards in the past 5 years.

What the Hell is Up With This Marijuana Leaf, Anyway?

By: Steve Elliott

Ever since I started writing about marijuana, every time I look for related images online I keep running across a pot leaf photo that just doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the most popular “marijuana” photos on the web, and, in fact, is the top result for a Google image search on the term “marijuana.” Annoyingly, it’s also the top image result for “marijuana leaf.”
But there’s something just wrong looking about that leaf, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.
This photo — which Discovery Health says it sourced from — seems to show what looks like a female cannabis flower coming out the base of a marijuana leaf, where the leaf blades meet the leaf stem.
Now, I know isn’t known as the best place for accurate weed info. In fact, it’s covered with those maddening “fake marijuana” ads for “legal buds.” But are they really the source of this photo? I’ve not been able to find it on the site.

I’m not saying the photo is absolutely impossible, but I believe it’s just inaccurate — at least, I’ve never seen that happen. Have you? If so, do you have a photo?
Cannabis flowers, as all know, occur either at the very tips of stems, or right against the main stalk of the plant. This is true for both males and females. And while leaves often grow out of buds, buds don’t grow out of leaves — buds grow only out of stalks or stems.
This photo is all the more irritating because of its ubiquity. Seemingly no matter where one looks on the web, there it is, again and again, displaying its botanical unlikelihood as a supposedly representative picture of marijuana in article after article.
It seems to be a real favorite whenever a “mainstream” site is doing a “marijuana article” and looking for a royalty-free photo.
If the bud were down at the base of the leaf stem, rather than at the base of the leaf blades where they meet the stem, I would be more inclined to accept it as genuine. But since I’ve never seen a bud grow at this particular spot on a leaf, I’m skeptical.
There’s only the one photo, seemingly everywhere, showing this phenomenon. I’ve never been able to uncover another one like it.
Who took — or faked — this photo? Why does it depict a bud growing out the base of the topside of a leaf? And why is this inaccurate photo — or, at least, very atypical photo — the most popular marijuana photo on the Web?
marijuana-leaf sized.jpg
Photo: Retro Tee Shirts
An actual marijuana leaf doesn’t have flowers at the base of the leaf blades, where they meet the stem.
Photo: Weed Farmer
Cannabis flowers typically grow out of stalks and stems, not out of leaves.


Up in Smoke: Can Marijuana Users Pack Heat?

It’s an only-in-America, constitutional mash-up: gun rights and medical marijuana on the same bill!

That’s right, an Oregon case tackles an issue that, we suppose, had to be addressed at some point: Can medical marijuana users carry concealed guns?

Here’s the story, courtesy of AP.

Cynthia Wills, 54, has a medical marijuana permit to treat arthritis and muscle spasms. She also has a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

Oregon police, AP reports, have tried to take away Willis’s gun, prompting Willis to fire back with a lawsuit, joined by three co-plaintiffs. The case is pending in the Oregon Supreme Court.

“Under the medical marijuana law, I am supposed to be treated as any other citizen in this state,” said Willis, a retired school bus driver whose gun of choice is a Walther P-22. “If people don’t stand up for their little rights, all their big rights will be gone.”

State sheriffs, according to AP, say that federal gun laws prohibit firearm sales to drug addicts, a term that includes medical marijuana users, they contend.

“The whole medical marijuana issue is a concern to sheriffs across the country . . . because there is so much potential for abuse or for misuse and as a cover for organized criminal activity,” Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon told AP.

Gordon’s office rejected three medical marijuana patients in the Portland suburbs who applied for concealed handgun permits.

If Willis loses, she plans to carry her pistol out in the open, in a holster on her hip, which is legal under Oregon law, according to AP.

“I’ve been done harm in my life and it won’t ever happen again,” she said, explaining why she carries a gun.

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