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Video: Rude Goldberg Machine Or Bowl Packer? You Decide.

Song of the day: Cypress Hill – Hits From the Bong

Song of the day!

Cypress Hill – Hits From the Bong

Using Marijuana for Pain With No Possible High: Study

A new U.S. study has paved the way for cannabis that relieves pain but doesn’t get you high.

“The psychoactive effects of marijuana is the major issue that limits, across the country, the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of different diseases,” said Li Zhang, who headed up the research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Bethesda, Maryland.

The study, published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, claims to debunk the long-held belief that the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of pot are mutually exclusive.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) is the key ingredient in marijuana that makes people high, said Zhang. It works by binding to molecular anchors on cells called cannaboid type-1 receptors.

It was thought that this process also relieved pain, but Zhang says marijuana has over 400 chemical compounds that provide therapeutic relief for a number of disorders, such as chronic pain, seizures, depression and muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis.

These compounds, he says, could target different receptors in the brain. Figuring out what compounds target which receptors is the key to crafting cannabis-based medicine for different disorders, but without the usual side-effects associated with recreational pot smoking.

The study found the glycine receptor might be the primary target for pot’s painkilling effects. When Zhang’s team blocked glycine receptors on mice dosed with cannabis, the animals still felt pain.

The next step is to test his theories on different animals using different strains of marijuana. The goal is to find the strain that has the strongest pain-relieving component.

“That may support my prediction that different strains of marijuana, some might be more potent in reducing pain but less so in causing psychoactive effects,” Zhang said.

Zhang said if other research teams pick up where he left off, they could narrow down the targets for marijuana’s other therapeutic effects, leading to the creation of all sorts of cannabis-based therapeutic medicine.

“The effects of medical marijuana can be separated if the target can be located,” he said. “Find the target, and based on the target, you can develop new medicines.”

Vale Tudo says: Well there goes all of the fun in smoking weed 😦 Please don’t be true!

Song of the Day!

Bitty Bong Bong

30,000 Square Foot Health, Wellness and Cannabis Center Opens

Clio MI (OPENPRESS) April 1, 2011 — All Natural Health and Wellness formally announces the opening of a 30,000 square foot center which also houses the non-profit Cannabis Research Institute. The center is dedicated to various forms of therapy, exercise, nutrition, education, safe transfer of Medical Marijuana and the first facility to gather information on its use. While operating under construction they have signed over 150 new members since opening on January-15, 2011.

The ideal model for Medical Marijuana facilities has been elusive. The Health and Wellness center has been meeting with local officials in Vienna township to develop not only a model that works in their community but one that could be used for other centers across Michigan. The relationship with authorities is vital to the facility and the community itself.

In 2007 a survey conducted by the Genesee department of community health shows that the 48420 area code of Clio is in poor health due to three things. A lack of twenty minutes of exercise a day, eating less fruits and vegetables, and three times the cancer rate of anywhere in the state. All Natural Health and wellness with the help of the Cannabis Research Institute are making it a top priority to aid with this concern.

The facility is open to the public and not just for Medical Marijuana patients, more than 80 percent of the facility is dedicated to various forms of health which includes a Fitness Center, equipped with rehabilitation equipment and a personal trainer, Therapeutic Massage, Health and Nutrition certified professionals, Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy treatment center, Yoga, Doctor approved MMMP patient registration, educational classes on preventative and alternative health, growing classes, green technology, alternative energy source, and American History.

Members will enjoy a state of the art theater room arranged for eight, a relaxation room, two group meeting areas, a Cannabis Hemp museum and boutique featuring textiles, food products, body, hair, cosmetics and clothing accessories for sale.

Members also receive “free access” to The Cannabis Research Institute of America, abbreviated “C.R.I”, a non- profit institute offering safe access for patient and caregivers registered through the Michigan Department of Community Health MMMP Program. It is the first Patient care facility to allow cannabis use in order to gather research information such as illness, strain, dosage and effects. Caregivers lease space at specific times to transfer medicine. No cannabis is left in the facility after hours.

The facility plans on expanding a state of the art medical cannabis testing and research lab in the near future, to examine medical cannabis for molds/fungi, CBD/CBN, and THC level testing. Research will start by first doing a series of surveys from both members and residents of surrounding communities.

They presently employ 15 full time and 5 part time employees and instructors. They plan to add a possible 30 more jobs within the next 12 months, despite Michigan’s suffering economy. Their goal is to provide affordable natural health alternatives to not only the upper class, but also to the less fortunate. If one cannot afford it, they accept commitment

Monthly question and answer meetings opened to the public, as well as outdoor festivals attracting national and state wide talents.
All Natural Health and Wellness is open Monday and Friday, 10am-9pm Tuesday-Thursday 10am- 6pm, Saturday 12-9pm and closed on Sunday.

Starting April 2nd they will take cannabis education to the airways during a weekly show called “Cannabis for Life”. Broadcasting live on WFNT 1470 am at 1pm every Saturday from the facility. The show is formatted to educate the public on Medical Cannabis as well as answer questions from listeners. It will also be streamed on the web at

About All Natural Health and Wellness
A 30,000 square foot facility located at 4325 Hobson Dr. Clio, MI Focusing on Health and overall lifestyle changing wellness involving Nutrition, PEMF treatments, Massage Therapy & exercise the first Patient care facility allowing cannabis use along with other combined therapeutic methods of treatment in Michigan, hosting the Cannabis Research institute for the future of natural medicine. Understanding the intent of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana act, the CRI provides a compassionate nonprofit, private, safe transfer center that is dedicated to the overall health and education of its members.

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