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Booze Vs. Weed: Pick Your Poison

When I was younger I assumed that drunks and stoners must inherently hate each other, at least philosophically. Really my silliest assumption was that anyone only did one or the other. Every stoner I know loves beer, and every drunk I know gets excited when someone busts out a joint. Only jerkoffs are purist. Nonetheless, booze and weed are different beasts and there are strengths and weakness to each.

Endurance: Being drunk all day can be awesome, but it’s a plan rife with potential disaster that can lead to puking and gross errors in judgment. Whereas any wake’n’bake fan will tell you, all it takes to be stoned from sunup to sundown is the desire to do so and an appropriate supply.

: weed

Party: When I was in Amsterdam the thing that struck me most about the “coffee shops” wasn’t that I could legally buy weed (I live in California after all), but how quiet the places were. People chat softly or just sit in a daze. You can’t really have a “crazy” stoner party. There are no weed keggers. Get a room of people stoned and you’ll probably all end up playing video games or watching a (bad) movie.

win: booze

Sports: A bit of alcohol dulls your inhibitions, which can actually improve your reaction timing. Of course that all goes out the window once you get shitfaced. But everything from softball to bowling is more fun with beer. Weed doesn’t make you worse at sports so much as it makes you not want to do them; touch football out, Madden on the PS3 in.

win: booze

Conversation: Drunks speak a language only other drunks can understand, and stoners tend to prattle meanderingly like nursing home inhabitants. Talking to either while you’re sober is awful.

win: neither 

Chores: Painting or building IKEA crap seems like a great time to throw back some booze. Yes, it’ll make the process more fun, but your work will likely turn out embarrassing once you sober up. Getting high can greatly improve boring tasks like laundry and vacuuming, with little-to-no effect on your skill level. Though you are prone to dumbass gaffes like leaving your clothes in the drier all day.

win: weed 

Sex: Sex is great both drunk and high. Drunk sex is wild; involving positions you’re not sure how you knew and on top of things that aren’t your bed. Stoned sex is hippie sex; slow and full of childlike wonderment. “Wow, this is great!” I’ve actually said out loud before during stoned sex.

win: both

A tie! More research is necessary. Who has some kush? I’ll bring the Scotch.

Drinking Wine & Smoking Weed Promotes Brain Health!

“Good weed, white wine, I come alive in the night time.”

This isn’t an article about mixing the effects of drinking wine and smoking weed. Which can be an experience anywhere between nausea and euphoria, but that really is a discussion for another time. Doctors are announcing with some restraint that moderate use of marijuana and red wine combined fight Alzheimer’s Disease and promote brain health.

Cannabis has recently garnered a lot of attention from scientists because of the recognition of endocannabinoids. This new neuro-transmitter affects our brain in a unique way that seems built perfectly for us.

Endocannabinoids regulate and lower wear and tear in our cognitive system. The results are showing us that the reduction in short term memory is actually due to a reduction in sometimes harmful inflammation in the brain.

Polyphenol antioxidants, a chemical substance naturally found in red wine, prohibits toxic plaque build up in the brain that destroys cells. These substances, also called tannins in red wine, are good for the reduction of cognitive deterioration.
In other words wine also acts to lower the wear and tear in our brains. It’s antioxidants allow for increased flow of toxins out of the brain.
Working together these effects actually give our brain an overall boost. Just like reading this article. And again we’re not advocating use of both simultaneously. This information does however point to the benefits of using both moderately.

Marijuana Activists Hold Sit-In At San Diego Council Meeting

Photo: G. Creighton/10 News
Five medical marijuana activists including San Diego ASA’s Eugene Davidovich (closest to camera) were arrested at Tuesday’s City Council meeting
​Five medical marijuana activists staged a 45-minute sit-in Tuesday in the San Diego City Council chambers, protesting the final passage of a local medicinal cannabis ordinance which advocates say imposes a citywide de facto ban on collectives.
The set of strict zoning and public safety regulations for the dispensaries was passed on second reading by the Council, with no changes to what was approved the first time around, reports 10 News.
Passage came on a pair of 5-2 votes, despite vocal opposition among audience members who opposed the stringent regulations.

During the hearing, members of the “Stop the Ban Campaign” — a coalition of more than 20 local, state and national groups spearheaded by Canvass for a Cause and the San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) — repeatedly chanted “We demand safe access,” disrupting the session, forcing the council to clear the chambers, and postponing a critical vote on the ordinance.

The five advocates remained in the council chamber for at least 45 minutes after the votes were taken, chanting slogans and singing “We Shall Overcome,” despite being threatened with arrest. They left after the meeting ended and were not arrested.
The Stop the Ban Campaign has demanded that the City Council amend its ordinance to a compliance period that will avoid the immediate closure of more than 100 facilities currently serving thousands of area patients, and to open up available space so that collectives can actually relocate.
Unfortunately, despite years of study, thoughtful recommendations from a city-appointed task force, countless letters received from constituents, hundreds of supporters at the last public hearing, the City Council has so far refused to acknowledge the recommendations of experts and the will of the people.
The council members refused to go forward with changes requested by the medical marijuana advocates, including an expansion of allowable zones in which to operate, a reduction in the distance of setbacks and allowing current dispensaries to keep operating while owners apply for a conditional use permit.
Eugene Davidovich SDPD.jpg
Photo: Peter Holslin
Eugene Davidovich, San Diego ASA: “One way or another San Diego patients will gain safe access to their medication”
“The patient community in San Diego will not be deterred despite the efforts of the City Council,” said Eugene Davidovich, chair of ASA San Diego. Davidovich was one of the protest organizers, and one of the five people in the sit-in Tuesday.
“One way or another San Diego patients will gain safe access to their medication, but it would be much more effective for the city to work with us instead of fighting us at every step of the way,” Davidovich said.
Prior to the bill’s first reading on March 28, the Stop the Ban Campaign organized the largest letter-writing campaign in the city’s history, during which San Diego residents wrote in opposition to the ordinance, requesting the passage of specific amendments. The ordinance was also opposed by the chair and vice-chair of the city’s Medical Marijuana Task Force.
Left with few options, activists chose nonviolent civil disobedience to protest the council’s decision to ignore years of citizen and expert input into the development of sensible medical marijuana regulations.
Advocates are now urging San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders to reject the bill and tell the City Council to come back with a version that reflects the community’s input.
While litigation is likely to result from the passage of the ordinance in its current form, there is another move afoot. The San Diego chapter of ASA, in collaboration with the Stop the Ban Campaign, submitted a ballot proposal to the city clerk on Monday in an attempt to put the issue before the voters.
A little-used process involving the city’s Rules Committee could prompt a public hearing on the proposed measure, and if approved by the committee it would be sent to the council to be put on the next election’s ballot.

How To: Roll a Joint With Wiz Khalifa

Learn how to roll the perfect joint with Wiz Khalifa here!

Pot Growing Trailer Stolen From High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

A pot-growing trailer known as the “GrowBot” was stolen from a medical marijuana
trade show in Denver over the weekend, and the owner on Tuesday offered a $5,000
reward for its return.

Greg Childre, who builds custom trailers for a variety of crops at his Georgia manufacturing plan, said the trailer was stolen from the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver late Sunday night. The 28-foot long “GrowBot” trailer was driven out of the trade show parking lot in full view of security guards, Childre said.

Parking lot surveillance cameras captured the crime, but did not detect the license plates of the Dodge truck that hitched up the trailer and drove off, he said. Childre told Reuters the trailer is computerized, and is stocked with grow lights and  security devices. “Anything you need to grow in a controlled environment,” he said. “It has all the bells and whistles.” Childre said he builds the trailers for other crops, including mushrooms and blueberries, but most of his business is derived from the medical marijuana industry. The trailer is valued at $50,000, and there was no marijuana inside the vehicle, he said.

Did You Know This About Marijuana?


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