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Tell the DEA: Stop the Lies

So I’ve really been thinking a lot lately about what the purpose of HMJ should be. I love the site, I love the name, I love the amazing team we have, and of course I LOVE the Greenies. If it wasn’t for you guys I would have closed this site down a long time ago and I still get emails from people just to say they fuck with us. That motivates me (hint hint) but I’m going to stay on topic. We should be about more than just looking at girls smoking and bongs.

I want us to really make a difference when it comes to legalization. Imagine a world where you could stand outside anywhere and smoke without having to look over your shoulder or feel like a criminal. Imagine not having to hide the fact that you enjoy something as natural as eating fruit. Imagine a world where we don’t have to watch our friends and family suffer from illnesses that can easily be treated with marijuana. This is a serious issue and a serious time in our existence.

We just found out the DEA is REALLY serious about not working with us on this marijuana legalization movement but I’m not trying to hear that. I’ve found a petition where we can send a message directly to the DEA Administrator, Michele Leonhart. I am not someone who would tell you guys to do something that I wouldn’t do so I sent a message in as well. You also have the option to donate to Drug Policy Alliance but you are not required to.

With the elections coming up and all of these issues really being discussed for the first time, trust and believe that HMJ and the Greenies will be a part of the movement.

Click Here To Let Michele Leonhart know how you feel

How To: Legally Obtain A Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Always wondered how to get a medical marijuana card?

Watch this video, super informative and valid for all states that currently approve marijuana.

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