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What’s On Your Marijuana Bucket List?

I was cleaning out the inbox, and I found this in an e-mail from  I have never thought of my own stoner bucket list, but going to Amsterdam is definitely near the top of that list…Remember, this is A top ten list, not MY top ten list:

20. Use a vaporizer to get high

19. Build a giant “Scooby Doo”-esque sandwich

18. Buy your pot from the shadiest spot imaginable

17. Hit up a Bob Marley cover band show

16. Watch five classic stoner movies in one sitting

15. Paint or draw a picture while high

14. Eat a pot brownie, or, for the advanced, a fancy pot dessert treat

13. Smoke within 100 feet of a police station

12. Stare at a midget

11. Break out the Gravity Bong

10. Get high on a hot air balloon

9. Find someone new to smoke kiss

8. Take someones pot virginity

7. Smoke with a relative, preferably an older one

6. Have sex while high

5. Combine three “classic” stoner foods to form a Megazord snack

4. Get high at a transcendently beautiful location

3. See any of those big Vegas shows

2. Go to an amusement park of your choice, Disneyland being tops

1. Make the pilgrimage to the mecca of pot, Amsterdam



Video: Rude Goldberg Machine Or Bowl Packer? You Decide.

Best Ways To Cure Cottonmouth

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at Weed Maps.

Xerostomia. Wtf? Don’t panic. We’re not going to go all Greek on you. Xerostomia (zero-STOW-me-uh) is the fancyass medical word for cottonmouth. Also known as hyposalivation, cottonmouth is what happens when you’ve blazed a bongload and suddenly your mouth is so dry you can hardly speak. Your lips stick to your teeth, and it becomes about impossible to swallow. Sure, it can be funny when it happens to someone else. When your own mouth is so dry you can’t stand it, it’s not such a good time.

What causes cottonmouth?

There are several things that can cause your mouth to feel as dry as a desert. Certain medications can make your mouth dry. Not drinking enough water during the day can also lead to a wickedly un-wet mouth. But, for the purposes of this blog, we will assume that your cottonmouth is caused by smoking cannabis. This certainly is the most fun way to dry out your lips, tongue and mouth.

Can cottonmouth be prevented?

Probably not. For whatever scientific reasons, smoking weed often dries the mucus membranes of the human mouth. Smoking dank, delicious bud may also cause your salivary glands to produce less spit. So, if you’re gonna get baked there’s an excellent chance you’re also gonna get cottonmouth. One thing you can do to prevent the horrors of cottonmouth is to be sure you drink plenty of water whenever you’re awake. It’s better to sip a little bit of water several times an hour than it is to chug a gallon all at once. Sugary drinks like Kool-Aid and Coke may actually make your cottonmouth worse. Besides, those kind of beverages are not good for you anyway. If you really need to swill something sweet, go for fruit juice, unsweetened iced tea or honey-sweetened lemonade. Yeah, we know that honey is for hippies, but it’s still a whole lot better for you than plain sugar. The point is to get lots of water-based fluids into your system.

Can cottonmouth be cured?

Not permanently. Remember what we told you twelve seconds ago about avoiding sugar? Well, you can forget it now. Sucking on hard candies such as Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers will increase your saliva production and keep your mouth nice and moist. If we were your Mom, we’d advise you to brush your teeth after macking on candy. But we’re not your mother, so we won’t. In fact, we’re going to give you a list of candies that are excellent temporary cottonmouth cures:

* Lifesavers

* Jolly Ranchers (watermelon is best)

* Smarties

* Sweet Tarts

* Willy Wonka Bottlecaps

* Willy Wonka Nerds

* Colombina Sour Balls

* Blow Pops

* Lemonheads

* Jawbreakers

* Red Vines

Candies like chocolate will probably not fix your cottonmouth. What you’re looking for is a candy that takes a lot of time to suck on. So, next time you go to meet your guy or visit your local dispensary, be sure to stop somewhere and lay in a good supply of slow-melting sweets. You might as well go ahead and get enough to share with your friends because you know how they are. When you get home, twist a fatty or load up your vape and don’t space out where you left your bag of delicious, cottonmouth-curing candy.

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10 things to do when you get high.

10 Things to do When You Get High… This Weekend

The Weekend is coming up. For all stoners especially those who work and don’t smoke during the week, the weekend is a time of extreme relaxation. Here are some easy things you can do this weekend to have fun, while high.

1. Go To a Cafe:
Cafe’s are a great places to relax. Each table is a secure pod where you can retreat into your mind, lose yourself in a simple activity (reading the newspaper, texting, playing chess) , or simply soak up the atmosphere. The scent of brewing coffee, friendly conversation, and mellow cafe tunes, make cafes the perfect mini getaway. Not to mention coffee is great high. It adds an extra boost to your body and mind.

2. Go To a Show
Live music is one of the wonders of the world. If you need something to really take you out of your element this weekend, find a show to go to. Look for your old favorite bands or pick something new and random. Make sure to take some joints, for before, maybe during, and definitely after.

3. Clean Your House
Cleaning your house might not sound fun to you, depending of what type of person you are. But if you smoke a bowl, turn up the tunes, and get right into, you’ll definitely see how it can be relaxing. Engaging in the simplest types of productivity can really help the mind feel at peace.

4. Play Minigolf
Minigolf is the perfect way to spend time with friends doing something fun, relatively cheap, and easy. There’s no way not to have fun, if you get a few buddies really stoned and go mess around in the arcade and on the minigolf course.

5. Play Your Wii
The Wii is the greatest piece of entertainment hardware for stoners. They have a large number of active games that are very simple and loads of fun. Try out Wii Music or Wii Sports.

6. Go Into the Wild
Take a hike. Literally. The outdoors is a great place to be stoned and get stoned. Find a nice secluded place at a park, at a lake, on a mountain, or any other piece of nature around you. Take some joints or a pipe with you and have an outdoor smoke session with your friends. Commune with nature.

7. Be Artistic
Play an instrument, draw a picture, write a poem, do anything artistic. It is a special thing to connect with art while high. It allows us new perspectives. If creating art seems to hard, then just look for ways to appreciate art; museum, indie movies or music, etc.

8. Don’t Go on the Internet
The internet is addictive. The last thing you want to do if you need a weekend to relax is waste it all on the internet. Your weekend will be over before you know it and you won’t be satisfied. This weekend, leave the internet alone. Or at least only visit Facebook once and Baked Life a few times.

9. Catch up on the News
Watching or reading the news while smoking pot is a lot of fun. Even if you get aggravated or disgusted at times, the act of participating in the world around you is relaxing. Try expanding the your news sources to newspapers and magazines too.

10. Get Together With Friends and Just Talk
Get some friends together but don’t plan any activities. Just sit with them, smoke pot, and talk. Old fashion smoke sessions are incredibly relaxing. Whether you smoke inside, on the porch or in your car, just have good time laughing and discussing your lives.

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