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Marijuana Comic Book Heroes

These herbal heroes are here to fight for truth, justice and the cann-American way


Who doesn’t love a superhero? The phenomenal success of movies adapted from iconic comic book heroes (X-Men, Spider-Man, Thor, et. al.) proves that the American audience is super hungry for costumed crusaders. Here are our picks for our favorite “green” superheroes.


Not convinced this stalwart cosmic crusader has anything to do with cannabis? Hello? He’s got a “magic” ring that allows him to create anything he can imagine with his mind. Anything. Plus he’s got the original lava lamp—even though he calls it his “magic lantern.” Magic rings, lamps, manipulating reality—sounds like a hashish fantasy to us. We’ll just pretend that Ryan Reynolds movie never existed.


The original was a fierce, lantern-jawed double-fisted, domino masked-wearing vigilante cut from the same pulp cloth as The Shadow and The Phantom. Plus, valet and sidekick Kato was there to throw in a karate chop or two. In the movie adaption, he is played by Seth Rogan. Catch that? Seth Rogan. ’Nuff said.


Thank you, Ziggy Marley for finally creating a hero with a really timely mission ripped straight from the headlines. Marijuanaman hails from a distant planet that’s run out of THC, and so he travels to earth to get some and promote use of the plant. He powers up by—you guessed it—medicating. The first issue was released on—when else—this past April 20.


Created by the same folks behind superhero comic Weed Nation Soldiers (a group that battles corporate and government corruption), Weedlord got his powers when he was infused with “Chronetic” energy by the goddess Cannabia. He later became “protector of the herbs of the Earth.”

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10 People Who Got Stoned Who Probably Shouldn’t Have



As everyone who reads this site regularly knows, I am a major advocate of smoking marijuana in large quantities. Moreso than that though, I think everyone should smoke responsibly. Although I love getting stoned and being around other stoners, there are certain people who probably shouldn’t be getting high. You don’t want your surgeon to show up to surgery stoned. You don’t want your pilot to be stoned. Everyone else is ok though, unless you are one of the people on this list who got stoned but probably shouldn’t have.


Note: I’m not 100% sure all of these videos or all of these people are actually stoned.  You guys watch and give me your opinion.  I am pretty sure all of them are at least a little buzzed.

This is the funniest police officer EVER!

That would be the best day of a young firefighter’s life

Stoned reporting about weed, how ironic.

This teacher is stoned out of his mind. I mean come on, Boston? A great city? Just kidding Bostonians, we love you.

Don’t get stoned on Judge Judy, she doesn’t like people laughing on her show.

How stupid can you be to admit to cops that you’re stoned? I mean, really?

Stoned Granny almost didn’t make this list because she should have the right to get stoned, but the guy with her is an idiot.

This mom probably got stoned and forgot where she left her weed. This is a bad way to remember.

Another guy that got stoned before Judge Judy. This guy looks like he had better shit than the first guy.

Youtube says this German weather lady is stoned… We’re going to have to agree.

We found this website during a stoned blur one night and it left us hilariously belly laughing all night long. Check out this website after you smoke some of our Charlie Sheen OG, we promise you’ll be belly laughing too! Here’s a couple of our favorite “Highdeas” here:

      • “I lost all of my weed, in a series of small fires.”
      • “Laptop backwards is ‘potpal'”
      • “Dear Californians, We envy you. Sincerely, Any stoner who doesn’t live in California”
      • “ok bear with me on this one…im gunna bury a school bus in my back yard.ill make a ladder coming down from the exit hatch on top. ill take out the seats and put in couches, a big ass tv, lights, sick sound system, music, record player, fridge, and a bed(for passin out if needed), ps3 and xbox 360, computer, lava lamps and to top it all off im gunna add a periscope. ittl be called the last stop (cuz its a bus) best highdea ever”
      • “Don’t you wish that you could google anything? Like, “where is my cellphone?” and google would be like “under the couch, dumbass”
      • “Have you ever been so high that you just stop, stop dead in your tracks, pat down all your pockets, realize you have everything, then move on?”

Seriously you have to check out this website,, we promise you’ll be belly laughing.

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