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Latest Firefox Allows Marijuana Leaf Adornment


The latest version of ‘Firefox’ (3.6) allows users to ‘Choose a Persona’ for the look of their browser by picking from 30,000 designs including two weed designs which feature enough marijuana leaves to get you executed in Malaysia or busted for growing in Sutton:  ‘Reggae’ (created by ‘Jesus’) and ‘Marijuana Leaves’.


So far 1181 Firefox users have opted for Firefox’s weed persona. Unfortunately there are some side effects which could be worse than smoking weed itself (getting the munchies, voting communist etc etc), as having marijuana leaves scattered all over the interface seems to make the browser more difficult to use. Is this a miss-guided attempt to stimulate the effects of being stoned?

This idea that the effects of cannabis causes incompetence is not backed up by scientific research which found that car drivers who had recently smoked cannabis were as safe or marginally safer than those who had not smoked.

While prohibitionists might rant and issue ‘appalled’ press releases at Firefox’s digital glorification of the worlds most popular herb, they may never find out, as given their proven inability to think progressively they are probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer (the hackers friend), which is possibly the worst browser in the world.

Fact: www = world wide weed

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